Monday, August 24, 2015

The Literary League Back to School Give­‐Away

The Literary League, a group of exceptional secondary English Language Arts teachers, is hosting a Back to School Give-Away. Enter to win a choice of gift cards, middle school and high school ELA resource bundles, and shopping sprees to middle and high school ELA TPT stores.

By the time I grab my books and I give myself a look I'm at the corner just in time to see the bus fly by. It's alright’ cause I'm saved by The Literary League! That’s right, we are at it again! It’s one of the biggest back-to-school give-aways courtesy of some of your favorite ELA sellers. 

We’re teachers too, so we know that feeling of going back to school.  Cure those back to school blues by entering this HUGE give-away. Not only multiple prize packs, but also multiple winners!

The give-away will run Monday 8/31 to Monday 9/14. You’ll see some familiar and maybe even some new faces, so follow our stores and our social media accounts, and stay updated with what’s new! Winners will be announced Tuesday 9/15.

The Literary League, a group of exceptional secondary English Language Arts teachers, is hosting a Back to School Give-Away. Enter to win a choice of gift cards, middle school and high school ELA resource bundles, and shopping sprees to middle and high school ELA TPT stores.

Prize # 1: Gift Card of Choice
Win a $50 gift card to Teachers Pay Teachers, Amazon, Staples or Target.

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Prize #2: Middle School Resources
Win all of the resources listed below for your middle school ELA classroom.
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Prize #3: High School Resources
Win all of the resources listed below for your high school ELA classroom.
Close Reading: Guide Your Students Through the Process
Interactive Notebook Bundle
Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasion
Common Core Literature Bell Ringers for Secondary English
Found Poetry Packet
Introduction to Close Reading for Middle and High School - Model and Practice
Critical Thinking: What is Textual Analysis #2
Fiction and Nonfiction Test Passages
Short Story Starters Task Cards 

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Prize # 4: Middle School TpT Store Shopping Spree 
Win a $10 shopping spree to one of the TpT Stores listed below.
2 Peas and a Dog
The Creative Classroom
Literary Sherri
Mrs. Spangler in the Middle
Darlene Anne
Fisher Reyna Education
Brain Waves Instruction
Stacey Lloyd
James Whitaker's Sophist Thoughts
Created by MrHughes
ELA Everyday

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Prize #5: High School TpT Store Shopping Spree  
Win a $10 shopping spree to one of the TpT Stores listed below.
Room 213
The Daring English Teacher
Making Meaning with Melissa
Linda Jennifer
Brynn Allison
Juggling ELA

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Monday, August 03, 2015

Literary League: We're BAAA-AAACCKKKK!

School starts (of has started) and as teachers and principals, we are all left wondering what just happened. Where did my summer go and will it ever come back? Sadly the answer is that it evaporated while we were at the beach, camping, traveling, sleeping in, taking care of family members, dealing with life issues, or working out. OR, just simply being at home with the family. Regardless, it is OVER, GONE, GOODBYE, SEE YA LATER ALLIGATOR! 

Now, the real question is ARE YOU PREPARED for the students? I hope so. I have spent the summer as a new principal working, stressing, and prepping for the amazing school year to come! I have also spent time working with and getting to better know the people below in this list! Let me tell you- THEY ARE EXPERTS AT WHAT THEY DO! 

With the sale going on, it would be worth your time to check out EACH professional educator's shop below and see what they have to make your back to school easy and stress free! WAHOO!

For example, my Language Arts Daily Dose and my Daily Morning Math Sets are perfect for ensuring spiral review and consistent practice of required concepts!

I wish you all a most wonderful back to school experience! ROCK ON!

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Primary Chalkboard: Back to School Sale and More!

The Primary Chalkboard is SO EXCITED to share the Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Sale! Can you believe it? Back to School already? Who'd of thought it possible?

I keep thinking, "WHERE DID MY SUMMER GO?"
Then I remember it went into two family reunions, a church trek with hand carts across the relentless plains of Wyoming to celebrate and appreciate my pioneer heritage... it went into the TpT Conference in Las Vegas, and spending time with my great friends, my 6 amazing kids, and my talented wife! However, it mostly went in to preparing my school for the coming year (which is TOTALLY going to rock, by the way!) GO COLTS! WAHOO!

And, speaking of the coming school year- I wanted to share some of my most popular resources in a fun and visual way! Check out the pictures below! Clicking on any of the pictures will take you to that category in my shop, which will save you time hunting it down amid 100's of resources! Enjoy exploring and, when you find something you love, don't forget to use the PROMO code at check out to save an ADDITIONAL 10% off my already discounted price for a total of 20% OFF everything! (Even my bundles- making them almost 40% off regular price- HOLY COW BATMAN!)

Cheers and HAPPY BACK TO SCHOOL! We've got this- because, well... We are amazing professionals who do what we do for kids!

Check out my Chalkie Pals' pages for more suggestions.
Back to School is EASY-PEASY when you have the Primary Chalkboard on your side!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Created by MrHughes Goes Back to School

Greetings Blog Hoppers!
John Hughes here from Created by MrHughes. I am so pleased to have you stop by as part of the LITERARY LEAGUE BLOG HOP and learn a little bit more about me!

Let start by giving you a little background about me and my teaching career to this point! I started teaching in 2001. My first job was the computer specialist for 1200 elementary students. I had a new class every 30 minutes and never the same class twice in a week. It was an adventure!
From there I moved to 5th grade for three years, and then spent 9 years in sixth, after switching schools and districts. I love teaching science and math, but I have a REAL love for writing and reading! Best subjects EVER!
This past year, I was 1/2 day 6th grade teacher and 1/2 day administrator for our school. It was a crazy adventure and I loved it.
This year will start a whole new adventure- I will be the full-time administrator of my school. WAHOO! I am so excited to work with ALL the teachers and students in my school AND to be in the classrooms helping my teachers. I CAN'T WAIT TO GET THIS YEAR STARTED!

While you are here, I want to share my favorite read aloud novel with you. I have read many, many books over the years and have loved many them. But, my all-time favorite book is...

I enjoy reading books to my students that have children as the main character. Not only children, but children who they can relate to, they can aspire to be like, that they can learn to appreciate. Esperanza Rising is possibly the best one I have! Not only do they get to see life from the point of view of wealth and poverty, they learn that everyone has the ability to change into something better, even at a high price. Pam Munoz Ryan weaves an incredible tail that has roots in her own family history!

As you head back to the classroom, I invite you to think about what stories you plan to read and the reasons you read them.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and getting to know me a bit better! I wish for you a most amazing back to school event and hope you have a fantastic school year! As teachers we give so much and hope and pray it is enough for our students. I hope you will stop by my shop by clicking HERE and check out all the FREE resources I have to offer to get your year started off right! I have getting to know you activities, writing activities, and more- ALL FREE for the taking!

Enjoy and Happy Back to School!

P.S. Don't forget to HOP to the next member of this amazing Literary Group and learn more about them, their favorite read, and gather even MORE Back-to-School ideas for your kiddos!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Welcome to An Educator's Life 2.0

HELLO My Friends!

I am so pleased to be blogging again. It has been such a crazy and wild summer with family reunions, church activities, and attending conferences- oh, and amusement parks and such! WOW!
I wanted to stop by and let you know that my NEW goal is to blog at least weekly, and that the content of my blog with change slightly as well. I hope you will enjoy this new direction and continue with me in my journey!

As many of you know, I was hired to be the principal of my school this past year. Due to circumstances with the principal who hired me, he was put on administrative leave the very first day of school. A lead teacher was asked to do the basics to keep the building running until things settled and the district knew what needed to be done. They approached me the last week of September and asked if I would teach ½ day and be the administrator the other ½. THAT was an interesting meeting. I had mixed feelings about the situation as I LOVE TO TEACH!

In the end, and after many long talks with my wife, we agreed that this is what was best for our family, but we would NOT allow money to influence us (which is good, because those of you who think principals make a lot of money- think again! At least not in our district!). I finished the year out doing both and then applied to be the full-time admin this spring. AND… now here I am.
My blog, An Educator’s Life, was started many, many years ago during a technology class. I had NO CLUE what I was doing, and if you were to read my first post, you would probably die laughing!

From there my blog became my ranting wall, my special place to share with friends and family, and when I really started to become an active entrepreneur, a place to share my resources once in a while. Lately it has been a disaster of sale promos and product updates.

Well… all that to say…

WELCOME TO THE ALL-NEW Educator’s Life Blog! I thought about changing the name, and may in the future, but I think it is still fitting for what I do- Educate. Now it is my teachers AND all the students in the school. This is a HUGE responsibility, and one I won’t take lightly.

So, what can you expect here now? 

         1)      Content that is school focused- suggestions, tips, advice for management, etc.
         2)      The thoughts and insights of an administrator in regards to management, testing, state standards, etc.
         3)      Q&A Posts where I will ask for YOUR questions or concerns and then answer them from an administrative point of view.
        4)       Links to websites, resources, and apps that may change the way you teach!
        5)       Anything else that is awesome and ninja like that I feel with be a benefit and worth your time to read!

ALSO, you may want to subscribe to my NEWSLETTER! Use the newsletter form above! I will be sending out my first issue by the end of August. AND, if you haven’t joined the journey on my other social media outlets, you may want to take a gander at those as well.

Pinterest     Facebook     Blog     Twitter     Instagram    

So welcome, welcome, welcome my friends! I am excited for this new journey and I am thrilled you will be joining, or continuing, with me!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

2 For Tuesday!

Summer is underway here in Utah, and life is going great! I hope those that are still in school are winding down your year! YOU CAN DO IT!

I am excited today to be linking up with Cyndie from Chalk One Up For the Teacher for her 2 for Tuesday!

So, what is Two for Tuesday all about? Simple- It is a chance to check out resources that are sale for the remainder of the week- two per participating seller! WAHOO!
I am excited to offer two top-selling resources for a discount this week (end Saturday, June 20):
My Class Votes Awards Kit and my Rules of Divisibility Mystery Mazes!


Remember to swing by Chalk One Up For the Teacher to check out the OTHER amazing deals you can find for the week! 


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Product Review: Happi-Nappi Chair Bags for School Desk Chair

Hello My Friends-
It has been a LONG time since my last post. My life has been crazy-busy. I interviewed for and was hired to be the full-time administrator for my school a couple of weeks ago, and so I am finishing out this year as the 1/2 day 6th grade teacher and the full-time admin.

So, in this post, I want to review a product that I received back in October. This is NOT a paid post, and I always do my best to give my honest opinion of a product. If it is not something I would use, or don't feel is helpful, I will make it very clear in my review!

The picture below is of the Happi-Nappi Chair Bag. Cynthia Talley (the owner of Happi-Nappi) and I had several conversations about her product and she agreed to send me a chair cover to try out. My thoughts after getting the chair bag... THEY ARE AWESOME!

I have been using a different brand of chair pockets with my students for several years and I have LOVED them. To me, these chair pockets are a requirement in my classroom. Students use these to keep papers organized and out of their desks as well as their

Then, THIS happened. This amazing and wonderful bag! Ladies and Gentlemen- This bag is da bomb! Let me tell you why:

1) It is extremely well built! That is huge for students, esp. in upper grades where they tend to be hard on everything (you should see my playground equipment).

2) Pockets are deep. My daughter (who is in my class and was MORE than willing to test-drive this for me- which was actually a fight for the students on who wanted to use it!) said that she disliked the deep pockets, but we talked about it and she agreed that the deeper pockets were nice in that everything stayed put. She told me that getting her file folders out was harder and that her folders were getting ripped.  Given the choice, I would still take the deep pockets because papers aren't hanging out and falling out.

 3) There are many more pockets that you would find on a typical chair bag. LOVE THAT!

Here are several more shots of this awesome product:
 You can see how deep the big pocket it! A teachers dream of not having to see all the papers!

It does hang lower than other chair bags I have used, but that doesn't bother me, in fact I think it helps to  keep the chair better balanced and keeps it from becoming top heavy and tipping over.

I also like that it is shorter in the front so that it gets less wear and tear from students feet, etc. as they sit in their chairs, on their feet on their chairs, etc.

This is just simply one amazing product. Here is a short video about the company and how they make the bags:

You can learn more about these useful and well-constructed bags (including current pricing and even more suggestions for use) by clicking HERE!

So, do I recommend this product? ABSOLUTELY! I LOVE MINE!
Are there drawbacks? Only the possibility of  the deep pockets being harder to manage for some students- but I do NOT think this is a huge issue and I would buy these for my class in a heart beart. The price is the same as or less than the ones I currently use, and the quality is higher, in my opinion!

Thanks for stopping by- YOU ARE ALL ROCK STARS!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Picture Your Selfie in Vegas Giveaway!

 Can you picture it now?  YOU in LAS VEGAS? 

How about YOU in LAS VEGAS attending a one day session of the SDE conference?

Primary Chalkboard is giving away YOUR CHOICE of a 1 day session at SDE!

So, will it be Singapore Math, Differentiated Instruction, I Teach K, I Teach 1st, or the newly added I Teach 2nd? 

How fun is that?

BUT, that's not all, we're also including a $25 gift card to the SDE bookstore, CRYSTAL SPRINGS.

So, NOW can you picture YOURSELF in VEGAS?

Oh, you say you need money for airfare, hotel accommodations, or just some spending money while you are here?  Well, we've got that covered, too.  How about  
to help you out with that?!?!?

NOW, can you picture YOURSELF in VEGAS?

Here's how to enter for a chance to win.

Hop through our Facebook pages and collect a tip for your (possible) visit to Vegas.
Be sure to "like" each page as you hop through so that you can collect the tip.
Each tip will have a number on a playing card.
Add the numbers together and enter the sum  on the Rafflecopter on the Primary Chalkboard blog for a chance to win.
Be sure to add a comment and include #primarychalkboardsendmetovegas.

For an extra chance to win this, take a selfie, post it on IG with #primarychalkboardsendmetovegas 
Don't forget to tag us in your picture! @primarychalkboard

The winner will be picked on the evening of April 5th.

A HUGE thank you to SDE (Staff Development for Educators) for their kind and generous donation!

Good luck! WAHOO!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Teachers Are Heroes!

Howdy Friends!
Teachers Pay Teachers is celebrating TEACHER HEROES!
I think that really qualifies all teachers and even all those that are support staff in schools. I have learned, more than ever before, over the past 5 months as principal that schools have to have EVERYONE on board to function successfully!

So I am so pleased to honor teachers everywhere. The best part, is that a sale is being held in YOUR honor. You can save 20% off of all my resources (Just remember to use the code: HEROES)

In the comments below, feel free to leave a tribute to an teacher that has made a difference in YOUR life! :)
Click HERE to see ALL the awesome Secondary Teachers that are contributing!

Check out my Store HERE!

Happy Shopping and Honoring! :) WAHOO!

Monday, February 02, 2015

Product Review: Moby Max {and Giveaway}

Howdy Friends!
I have been AWOL for a while now, and it feels great to be back! 


What better way to appear than with a PRODUCT REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY! WAHOO!!!!!

Today's' Topic: MobyMax


 Mobymax is an online platform that give teachers access to varying topics for students to practice and master. It also offers prizes, reporting, one-to-one communication, among other motivational features. 

My Experience-
I have been using Moby Max for nearly two years. I just recently moved schools, so my use this year is less than I would like to admit. The reason? I only go to computers once a week, versus everyday like in the past. Set up on Moby Max is super simple and FREE, depending on the amount of access you want to features and data reporting. I used the FREE level for several months before moving to the paid platform. Why did I upgrade? Simple- it was inexpensive and it opened up a large amount of features that made it worth the cost. The content for the students in accessible in BOTH versions, however, so you CAN go the FREE route without sacrificing content!

Is it practical?
This is a question I ask myself every time I faced with the sign-up box. I have to ask myself, "Will I REALLY use this?". I always worry about getting my students loaded in the system, if it will be intuitive for my students, will the enjoy it, what makes it different from all the other platforms out there.

After spending time with my students on the program, I found that it was a platform that delivered exactly what my students needed- and I could access amazing reports- drilling down to each student's level.


-Super easy to add students! I can add my entire class of 19 in about 3-5 minutes. I LOVE that the enrollment is hassle free. The screen shot below is ALL the information you enter, and you don't HAVE to put in. Easy-Peasy!
-I love that my students can compete in contests for prizes
-It offers a placement test in each subject so students are placed where they need to work automatically! No more guessing if they are working on skills the really need!
-The ability to easily see what skills the class as a whole AND each student are rocking- OR- which skills need more work!
-Kid friendly, easy to use
-Not overwhelming- just a few problems in each practice set with IMMEDIATE feedback!
-Works on ANY device!
-Web-based- can access from home
-Reports include minutes spent on assignments
-Students earn minutes (you decide how many) by working through lesson that they can use in the game arcade! (I usually give the students time once a week to redeem their minutes and just play. They LOVE IT!)
-Frequent contests for teachers to win great prizes as well


-I gotta be honest- it isn't as graphically cutesy and eye-catching as some other platforms out there. My kiddos got over it pretty quick, and I reminded them this isn't a "game", it is interactive practice!


-FREE! WAHOO! Get started today: and create your FREE account!
-If you want ALL the bells and whistles, for just $99 a year for an unlimited amount of students, you can't go wrong!

Okay, okay...

So NOW that you have read my review of MOBYMAX, are you ready to WIN an ENTIRE YEAR of PRO FROM FREE!?!?!?!? WAHOO! Just enter on the Rafflecopter below! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Year's Resolutions 2015

Howdy Friends!
I am thrilled to be linking up with Jessica of Second Grade Nest in this awesome 2015 New Year's Resolution and Goals Linky! 

One professional goal that I have is to seek to better understand my role as an administrator. It is a crazy balancing act being both a 1/2 day teacher and a 1/2 day administrator this year, and I fear that I am failing at both jobs. I plan to spend a few minutes each school day in my office reading professional books, guides, and websites on how to better support my teachers and students in this new crazy world of "test'em to death" movements.

My second professional goal is to make myself be patient with my own abilities as a teacher. I tend to want to "make" kids and parents be perfect in everything that I do. I know that this is not realistic! I am working on encouraging every student to be her/her best and be content that they are doing their best!

My most important personal goal of 2015 is to get MORE SLEEP! This constant 1am-2am bed time and then up at 6am is not working for me. I am completely exhausted. With six kids, and wanting to not be a hermit around them, I find that after they are in bed in "my" time. Trying to create resources and run a school building are extremely time consuming, and I haven't quite found the balance. I hope I won't send out a 1am faculty email again in the new year!

My wife is amazing and I am hoping that I can show her that in the new year. I am hoping to take her on at least bi-monthly date nights- just us, not the 6 kids! This is one goal I am SUPER excited about!

 I do have another personal goal, and that is to journal about my life. My sister passed this past November, and one thing that I have truly enjoyed is reading through her many journals. She was an amazing person with lots of struggles that none of us knew about. It makes me love and miss her even more. I want my kiddos (and grandkiddos) to be able to read back over my life as well and get to know me better!

I hope that someday before I die I might be able to visit Ireland. It looks to be a beautiful and charming location. Guess I better start saving my pennies! 

 I don't know that I have anything that I would like to try. I am not really a picky eater, so I have tried quite the collection of food, even rattlesnake (and yes, it really DOES taste like chicken!). So, off the top of my head, I can't think of one!

I would love to learn how to play the cello. My mother plays the violin and I did try that once. My fingers are so big that I couldn't make it work for me. But, the cello would be awesome!

I really, really want to give up my negative attitude. I worry so much about what other's think of me or what I do, that I start to be negative about everything and use my "I don't care" mantra! NOT GOOD! So, I hope to start looking for three positive things about each day and then work up to more! Maybe I can even write about these in my journal (see personal goal above!)

Laugh! I want to enjoy my children and laugh more. 
I also want to call my parents more often. I don't call enough.

I want to finish my Daily Dose series by Spring Break! That will take some serious hard work and discipline! But, I think I can do it!

Don't forget to share YOUR New Year's Resolutions.

 Click on over over to Jessica's Second Grade Nest to get started! 
AND, don't forget to read all the other participants posts as well! :)

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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