Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Saturday!

It has been a pleasant day! I was able to sleep in. That alone is the best ever! Then I had a fantastic breakfast of doughnuts. The next part was a wee bit tedious. My wife, oldest son, and myself counted out 8,000 dice in to bags of 20. At each class I teach for USU CORE Academy, the teachers each get a book and twenty 10-sided dice. Pretty cool. But now it is done for the rest of the summer! Then we had to water our poor grass! It was planted from seed this Spring, and it has great need of water. So that is what I have been doing while watching the second Indiana Jones movie (the way "old" one from the 80's??). My oldest (who is 7) loves it! I forgot how funny and strange they are. Nothing like the good old days! More later...

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