Monday, July 07, 2008

Excuse Me... You What?

It has been quite the day. My wife and I were up until 2am. Now before you go getting your mind in the gutter, we were watching the world premier of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. We were kicked off POGO. They shut down the entire site for some reason. Anyways, so we were up late. Then our baby fell off the teeny tiny double bed they gave us to sleep on, and if you are like us, and have a king size bed at home, sleeping on a motel full size bed just doesn't cut it. Anyways, at 4am this morning, our baby was in our bed. I thought my wife was still in bed, as I am not really thinking well at 4am, not to mention legally blind without my glasses. So he sit up crying and think, that's nice, my wife will take car of that. Next thing I know, WHAM!!! and S-C-R-E-A-M-I-N-G galore. I roll over to discover I was alone in bed (my wife as taking a nighttime potty break) and I was freaking out (as I mentioned earlier, I am not really functioning at that time of day). It all worked out. I ended up holding him and falling asleep in one of the all too comfortable (NOT) motel chairs. I wake up an hour later with no feeling in my legs and a crick in my neck bigger than Texas. I laid the baby by his mom and fell back into a good sleep. I awake thinking that hey, that was okay, and it is only 7:30am or so. I look at my watch, and again go into Freak Out Mode. It is almost 9:30am! We still had to have breakfast, shower the entire family, and leave early so my wife could go a store called The Wood Connection. It is a store that sells cut wood letters of different sizes and fonts. My wife is going to sell them (after she alters them after the fashion of scrap booking) at our community fair in September. I hope she makes alot of money back on them, 'cause we have invested heavily in them. Anyways, we get everyone up, dressed, fed, showered, and we head out. (Amid scary new noises being emitted for our van-I really hope we make it to the next stop, Vernal, tomorrow afternoon). We get to the school and I give my presentation. It went SO good this time. I really enjoyed it and the teachers had a great time with me. Yea.
Then we met my sister at D.I. (Deseret Industries- a thrift store). This D.I. by her house is amazing. They have the neatest items. While we were there, I was walking around and was backing up. A lady walked by me and said, "Watch where you are going!" in a rude tone of voice. I said, "Excuse me- you are being rude". Well that sure got her attention. We had a nice "discussion" if you will. I ended up telling her that she was being really rude and to have a nice day. I feel bad about it now. I should have apologized. Shame on me. We leave D.I., and go to the motel so I can change. We then go to McDonalds. You think I would have learned a little something from my experience at D.I. and being feisty. Now, just to clue you in, that is NOT usually my personality. I tend to avoid confrontation at all costs. But lately I have felt pretty spunky and I am tired of being treated rudely by people and not doing anything about it. So we are at McDonald's. We eat. The kids play. I get thirsty. I had ordered a meal with the Extra-Large drink. My sister asks if I want a refill and I say, "Sure, thanks for asking." My sister goes in there and starts filling my ex-lg cup. Suddenly, the lady at the counter tells her that because the drinks are sold at a discount price of 99cents there are no refills on the XL drinks. My sister had already filled the cup. They told her she could pay $1.99 for the refill or dump it out. DUMP IT OUT! So they already wasted the soda. WOW! That really didn't go over for me. So I went up to the counter and asked for the manager. They tried to tell me to call the number printed on a plaque. I asked them how was I supposed to take that information with me? Could they write it down? I then told them that if they are NOT going to do refills on a drink, they should tell their customers when they are ordering. I would have ordered a Lg and refilled it 5-6 times. She rudely said that the sign is posted next to the soda machine. I informed her that I don't walk into a food chain and scope out the soda machines to see if I get refills or not. Common courtesy would suggest informing customers. And then I proceeded to tell them that $2 for a refill is out of control! They wanted TWO DOLLARS for the refill. After I had already paid 99 cents for it the first time. Wow, I didn't think I could get so worked up. I asked if she knew how much syrup costs, because $2 for a refill was out of control. Another manager was there and said that they are only following established rules, and please call the number. They don't like it either. So, listeners, I am asking you to call this number- 801-272-9233, and let McDonald's know that this isn't going to cut it. I know that I will NOT be eating there again anytime soon (or any McDonald's franchise for that matter). I know that I will be sharing my thoughts about their methods with them tomorrow morning. I will gladly share my results with you, and ask that when you call, you let me know your little story as well. We then headed to Robert's Crafts (notice how many stores we visit for my wife?). Of course they had to be having their Truck Load Sale. Now, if you have never shopped at Robert's Crafts (the Scrapbook Super Store- and Art and Crafts Stores) imagine everything your wife could possibly want (and everything you wish they wouldn't buy) under one roof. Anyways, we ended up spending $50 and saved $254.57 at this sale. So I guess that it was worth it. They had a huge 75%-90% off. So that was fun. Then we headed back to my sisters to visit and that is where I am sitting- typing up this groovy day.
I guess I also need to finish my mouse story, but after this LONG post, I think that I will again save that for another day. It is worth waiting for- the ending is a good one. Until tomorrow- (I hope, my in-laws in Vernal don't have internet- and the free Wireless around them is REALLY unreliable.) Remember readers- Call McDonald's and BOYCOTT them if you believe... Believe!

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