Friday, July 25, 2008

My Lesson for the Day!

Howdy Ya'll,
Okay, so I have learned a very valuable lesson. Okay, I didn't learn it lately, it is one that we all learn hopefully early in life. PROCRASTINATION!!!!! I freelance for the MailBox Magazine (as I have stated in earlier posts)and kept thinking that my deadlines were far enough away that I could just finish with CORE Academey and then focus on it! Oh, No! I have two huge units both due the frist part of August! So I have spent the last two days racking my brain trying to come up with something that would be accecptable. I finally got one unit done and was discussing it with the editor and found out I had to redo the whole thing because of the theme I chose (which was the 2nd one I had tried). I finally got approval for a theme and was able to complete one assignment. Now I am faced with another HUGE one. So I called in the big guns. I called my sister who lives 90 minutes away and begged her to come and help me. She will be here very soon. So Operation "GET IT DONE" is underway. I shall update you tomorrow about how it goes.

So the moral of this post is -Don't put off what you can't remember you even had to do in the first place because it makes you crazy in the second place and you can't even find third place!


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