Friday, August 29, 2008

Bucket List and Back 2 School (Kindergarten Style)

I have to say this is a FUNNY movie. It has some great moments that are touching, but mostly you can't help but smile. I think my favorite part so far has been the sky diving. It really makes you stop and think. I have been thinking about MY bucket list. I am not sure what I would even put on it at this point. Okay, so maybe the safari scene is the best. Anyways- I think that I will create a bucket list on my blog and add to it. I think that would be useful and fun.

Today, school was okay. I was hoping for a 5 star day and ended up with a 3 star. Not bad considering everything. I love my class. I really do. I know it sounds like I am trying to convince myself. I'm not. I just can't say it enough.

New favorite part- where he learned about his expensive coffee. Now, that was funny!

After school I went with my wife to kindergarten back-2-school. It was shocking how people treated the teacher. See, we have full day kindergarten for at-risk kids. Well, some people didn't like being told their kids were "at-risk". "At-Risk" isn't BAD! It simply means that if a child isn't watched out for they have a higher risk of falling behind. Anyways, parents made it sound like it was her fault about who was 1/2 day and who was full day. The district made the decision based on 3 test results. Not really fair I know, but I can totally relate as a teacher! I am judged on my teaching abilities from 1 test every year! The concern of what if my child falls behind, and several hinted at that, made it seem that she wouldn't be competent to teach them. I know she will do her very best to reach out and ensure they are learning. That's the hard part. There are no guarantees. I think we all would have loved to have our kids in full day. Just for the social aspect if nothing else. Good parents know to work with their kids at home too. That's probably why some kids didn't qualify- They are already getting what they need. Yea for those parents! I was angry by the time it was over. The last 9 years of teaching has led me to be I tired of parents who make little effort to help their kids and then get mad at teachers whom do the very best they can to teach. Just look at the news- teachers being blamed for things they have no control over. In general, if more parents would take on the responsibility of being parents and not just providers, American and State, and Local schools would be much more successful. That's my opinion of the situation! :) Anyway...

After THAT was over we headed out to a farm near our house. The owner's wife works at the school. We asked if we could come and get pears. We showed up and had to go through a forest of weeds. I was laughing about the pollen that was flying through the air. It didn't hit until about 10 minutes later. My eyes were watering so bad I could hardly see and my throat was getting super tight. I think I scared my wife A LOT! So she dropped me off at home so I could shower. After a shower and resting for over an hour, I felt much better. My voice is still bad and my nose won't quit running. But such is life with allergies.

We bought dinner for mom and dad and ate with them. That was nice. They watched the kids while my wife finished the fruit run. She was able to go to another teachers house and pick raspberries. She got half a ice cream bucket full. I love raspberries.

Came home and relaxed. Watched bucket list. Almost cried at the end (should have seen that coming)- loved the ending however.

Well, I am tired. Friday night is "late night" at our house. The kids finally just crashed. And now it is our turn.


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  1. I don't think that parents want to take any responsibility for their own children. I mean, do they really think that their child will learn everything in it's entirety in Kindergarten? The parents still need to teach their children at home, and keep the learning going. Acelyn learned how to read when she was 4 at her preschool. In Kindergarten now, they are just starting to learn letters, and the sounds that they make. She knows all that, but yet I know that I NEED to work with her at home, so that she doesn't forget what she has learned.

    Who is the Kindergarten teacher? Maybe someone I don't know. I feel bad for her too. Hopefully parents will realize that she is probably doing her best to give their children a good education. I am excited about Kindergarten, and the things that Acelyn will learn. Ya, she knows how to read..but she will still learn so much from being there.


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