Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Living His Dream" and Other Dumb Items of Note

Ok, so this is SO dumb. I was watching our evening news and a 27 year old was riding his bullet bike over 100 mph with no helmet or shirt and running from law enforcement. He ended up running into a SUV that had a mother and 2 children in it. He had major road rash and the mom and kids were fine. Only problem, her car went up in flames. His only statement was that "He was living his video game dream". A-Duh!!!!!! What is WRONG with people these days? Dumb!

Then the news went on to say lots of other things- like Questar Gas Company is trying to back bill thousands of dollars for under billing their customers. Why is it the customer's fault? The decision will be made in October. Curious to see what happens there. Dumb!

Next dumb thing- Murray city told a car dealer that even though it was rain water that he had channeled and stored in an underground reservoir, (he was using to wash the car at his dealership), he was going to be fined for improper water use. The city said that the rain water that falls in the city limits is city property and he is not allowed store or use it with paying for the water shares. So watch out all, that rain falling on your grass- you might just find it being billed on your next city bill! Dumb!

I could go on and on, but what ever. It is later still and I am not any less tired. I just couldn't help but share the DUMB things that have been discussed on the news tonight! So more on this later!

I guess the positive to share is that the USA women won the Beach Volleyball Gold! It was a nail biter, but it worked out in the end. GO USA!!!!


  1. I agree I agree I agree!!!!
    We shouldn't be billed because Questar Gas was stupid and didn't bill their customers correctly at the time. We shouldn't be responsible now. They need to eat that and learn to be more careful. I can't believe that people are so Anal as to think they can control the water and put a claim on rain!!!! HOLY CROW!!!
    On the good notes though you are right. GO USA!!!!

  2. I was watching the news last night, and thought the same thing about the guy on the bullet bike. I thought, "what an idiot, putting his life and other lives in danger!!" That guy needs to get a life, that doesn't involve video games!


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