Tuesday, August 12, 2008

WOW! That Is All I Can Say.

After spending quite a few hours at the school getting things finalized, I was able to go out and eat with my little herd and my parents. That was great. Then we did family night. It was fun to talk with my son about his up coming baptism. Next, we got the kids in their jammies and headed up to my parents house. Because we missed the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics, my parents recorded it with the DVR. It was nice (and not only because we didn't have to live through advertisement every 5 minutes, thank heavens for fast forward, but we took a 4 and 1/2 hour TV showing, and watched the good stuff in less than 2! I think that China did a great job with it. I loved the drums, I loved the type-set boxes that went up and down. I think that the LCD screen that was like a football field+ was cool and I really liked the end where the guy "ran" around the entire upper rim before lighting the cauldron.
The Globe was neat as well.
Then we watched as the men's gymnastics took bronze (which is good, but they could have had silver). We left to come home after midnight. These late nights are killing me, but it is the only time my wife and I can sit together and actually talk without the traumas of parenthood preventing a moment to discuss life!
I have a church meeting a few minutes, then lunch, and back to the school. Tomorrow I am heading out to our D.O. (District Office for those of you who are NOT teachers reading this) for training. The district is paying for me to...(Wait, I should say they are REIMBURSING me IF I get B or higher grades) get my Masters Degree in Administration. In order to do THAT, I have to be a level 5 in our district (which I won't take the time to explain except for this: It is a program that allows me to make a little extra money by doing A LOT of extra-curricular/after school workshops, etc.) Anyways, all this is to explain that I have 30 hours of training for level 5 and some of it takes place the next two days.
I look at the countdown timer at the top of the page and my heart stops, then I think, hey, I am ready- BRING IT ON! :)
Well, off to my meeting. Have a great day, Cheer for the USA in the Olympics, and,


  1. I am excited about the Olympics as well. They are so neat to watch. I am glad that school stuff is going along well for you too. :) I can't believe that another year is already starting. Britney will be in school next year!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! lol crazy. Well. Love you. Glad you are well. Loves

  2. We love watching the Olympics, it's pretty awesome! I love our DVR too! Everyone that has one is totally spoiled! Every time we visit my Dad in GR and we are watching TV, I always find myself saying, "hurry and pause it!!". Then I remember that he doesn't have one..aaaah! Hate that!


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