Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm Going To Be Hosting A Book Tour- YEA!

So, I agreed to host a book tour today! I am way excited. The author, Elysabeth Eldering, has published her first book and is working on the second. I will be posting LOTS more about the upcoming book tour. These books are way cool. They will appeal to reluctant readers because they are fact based and have an interactive quality to them! Check them out by clicking on the book cover!
Aside from that exciting part of my day, the rest went really well. My kids were good in class today (for the most part). We were able to hold our party for the raffle sale. We made over $2000! Now we only need about $1500 more dollars to get our marque. I wish we could find a sponsor/donor, but that is a chunk of change. We will have that by next year though!
Tomorrow is Friday and a blessed day it is. I am excited for the weekend. We are going to Colorado for a birthday party and to return a printer to Wal-Crap, I mean, Wal-Mart. We bought a $100 printer and got it home to find they had resealed a return with no ink, software, or cables and stuck it back on the shelf. We live over 2 hours from where we bought it! So, I am more than a little miffed! I will be for SURE if they give me any crap!
Well, I am off to bed!


  1. John,

    Thank you for that delightful write-up. I am now excited about the tour (originally I was going to wait until my second book had come out before doing a tour, but my publisher decided for me that I was going to do one this year) and having you as a host. You seem very energetic and encouraging to have as a host. I am looking forward to the project we discussed too. You don't know what it means to me to have found a teacher who actually is willing to do this.

    A friend of mine had that happen with Fred's (a dollar type store like Dollar General or Family Dollar) in Nashville. She had bought a Lexmark printer for $40 and it was one of those all-in-ones, and apparently it had been a return because when she returned home, there were no cables, no software and no ink cartridges. It irks me to no end with stores do that to good people. You shouldn't have any problem returning the printer to Wal-Mart (hopefully you still have your receipt).

    Looking forward to see what comes from our chats in the future - E :)

  2. IT sounds like you are doing well. I am so glad that you can do that book tour. Thats going to be a fun experiance. Good luck with the printer. Rememeber to give them a little extra crap for me! :) lol. You should talk to some of the local businesses. I bet that between the bigger ones you could raise the 1500$ you need. thats what we did for closeup and things like that. we just went to them and asked for a donation. any size but the more the btter! :) lol. good luck. love you


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