Monday, September 08, 2008

Fraud Alert!

Well, today was going TOO well. I knew something was up. School went well. The kids are really starting to understand what is expected. YEA!

I made it home in time to visit with my wife for a minute before I was supposed to head to tutoring. Notice the word, SUPPOSED! I was just getting ready to head out the door when I got a phone call .The caller I.D. read "Apple Computer". I rolled my eyes thinking, what is Apple doing telemarketing?!?!? I answered and a man asked for John Hughes. "That's me," I said.
"Mr. Hughes, I am calling to confirm the order of an Apple Computer. Did you place an order recently for a computer using you _________ card?"
"Ummm. No! That is my card, but I didn't order a computer!"
"Oh ****, We were wondering, where the order was being shipped to North Carolina, and you live in Utah"
"Nope, that's not mine. Cancel the order!"
"Yes, we will cancel that order!"
"Thanks for calling!"
"Your welcome, Bye"

(Ok, that isn't a perfect transcript, but it is pretty close)

Then, after the end of the call, I go into freak out mode. I call my credit card company and tell them what happened. They said that the order was for $740ish dollars, but where the order was cancelled and not charged to the card (it was still pending) it isn't truly "fraud". They put a watch on my account, cancelled that card and changed the account number completely, and it is being shipped out soon! Yipeee! Just what I needed! This prompted up to call and get our free Credit Reports (1 every 4 months is the suggestions). If you haven't ordered lately, go HERE. Do it NOW! I do have to day, on Equifax, call and order by phone through the mail unless you already have an account. You have to BUY something at Equifax to get an account, so you can't see your report at that site. Just a heads up!

Well, that seems enough adventure to share for one day! You gotta love life, right?

I guess some day soon I will have to tell about the day after Christmas and my wife's purse being stolen! Now THAT was a fun day! NOT!!!


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  1. Allisha told me about that. That sucks so bad! At least you caught it quickly and hopefully that is the only thing to come of it. It makes you wonder how and where the person got it. Credit can be frustrating. Sorry that sucks :(


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