Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend of the Double Rising Moon, Stitches, and Just Plain Craziness!

Whew! I must say that I am SO glad to be sitting at home. It has been a long, busy, and crazy weekend. I apologize for not blogging earlier. As soon as school was over on Friday, my little family climbed into my mom's Tahoe and headed North. We got there in plenty of time to do a little shopping at a thrift store with my sister. It is fun to browse and see old and unique objects that people have discarded. From there we went to my sister's house and left the kids with my mom and sister. My wife and I headed to a special dinner for the staff of CORE Academy at a golf course. It was nice to see the teachers I had taught with all summer.

The next morning (Saturday) we headed to Alpine for my mom. We dropped her at my aunt's house. My mom had 2 reunions yesterday. While she was at those my little family went all over the valley shopping, visiting family, and we got to have lunch with our really good friends, the Mannings, at Arctic Circle. That was nice and relaxing. We sure appreciate them! Then we headed back to my aunt's house to get my mom. While we were there my baby was playing on her trampoline and tripped and hit the metal frame with his head. He was bleeding REALLY bad. He had about an inch cut in the left eyebrow. We applied pressure to it and jumped in the car. My mom had a guidance system in her car so we hit the "Emergency" button and it took us to an Insta-Care center. Almost 2 hours later the poor kid and 3 internal stitches, and 7 outside. I hated listening to him scream as the gave him shots to numb his head. I was glad to get out of there. I am also a little nervous to see what we end up paying. What with the new insurance we have I don't know what to expect. Anyways, we left there and went shopping at all our needed stops. While we were at Sam's Club, "M" found this big bear animal and fell in love with it. He was carrying it around and then hugging it and laying on it. So we caved and bought it for him. After all, he had had a hard day! I do have to admit that he has given it lots of hugs and kisses since we have been home. What a silly boy. The other kids were very worried about him. They were glad to see that he was ok. It was touching to see how concerned they were.

Oh, yes. I forgot to say what we were able to stop and see my wife's grandma while we were up there. That was nice and very enjoyable to see her.

On the way home I was able to see the moon rise twice! How is that possible? Hmmm...Well, I think that I will save that one for another day! Remind me to tell you. It was really quite cool. My kids were really amazed and my wife just laughed at me!

Today has been a go-go-go day as well! Started with meetings at 8am and ended about 8pm when I finished planning at the school and decorating my room for International Speak Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 19th. It is going to be a fun week, but not quite what I wanted. I have just been so busy that I haven't had time to get it ready the way that I want it to be.

I am grateful that I survived another week to say the least. I hope that all my readers had a great weekend as well! Until tomorrow-



  1. Poor baby! I personally know how the stitches thing goes... never any fun! Have fun with your pirate accent! ;)

  2. Poor little guy..but it's nice that he made a new friend out of it.


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