Thursday, October 09, 2008

Back in Control


Today went SOOOOOO much better. I was also A LOT more strict today than I have been for many, many, many, many, many days. I will be doing that EVERYDAY for the rest of the year. Nice is out, Supportive and consistent is in!

Anyways, today was an Author visit. It was really fun and the kids did much better. We finished our Harris Burdick pictures and went over the writing project that Ms. Eldering setup for my students. It is going to be a great project. I think that I will try and squeeze in some time to add my story to the mix (named of course, I don't want to win). She is also doing a edit/critique of my story I wrote. I can't wait to see the review (or corrected copy in this case) and have my thoughts opened up to new ideas and expand my story in positive directions.

What I CAN'T believe is that next week is fall break. It's also my birthday (Monday). I'm getting OLD! I knew today that when I said to my voice student that she shouldn't sound like the buzzer on her oven, and she said that her oven doesn't have a buzzer, that I was older than I wanted to think about. I have students who don't even know who the Adam's Family was. That was when it hit me that every year I get a year older, and every year I will have 11-12 year olds. How depressing. The connection gap will grow larger every year. That and the economy they way it is, I hope my students even have a future to worry about.

I don't know what the answer is to our economic crisis in America. I know that I have lost about 1/4 of my 401(k) over the last 2 months. That hurts. But since I will have to teach until I am 67(and just so you know that is still 34 more years as of Monday- that's LONGER than I have been ALIVE! LOL!) I guess it won't matter. I'll be teaching until I DIE!

I am still laughing about the Magicians Video of my kids. And from that I was able to reconnect with a couple wonderful friends from college (and after) days. What an awesome thing that world wide web is!

Well, I best be off. I finally am completely DONE with my MailBox Assignment and it is going in the mail tomorrow. Hope it makes it there by Monday! Doubt it, but it is always worth hoping.



  1. That is funny about the whole Adams Family thing, and also about the buzzer on the oven. She was probably like, "huh"? So funny! I'm only 26, and remember that. Heidi always says she can't believe that she has a 12 year old, as of only a couple of days ago. Shantell is going to Y.W. now, and Heidi feels a little old. Maybe it's cuz I always tell her she is old! lol Just teasing though, well kind of. :)haha

  2. Well you guys are still younguns to me. I can remember further back than the Addams Family to Dark Shadows. How's that. I find it hard to believe that tomorrow (Saturday), I will have a child who is exactly half my age (give or take a few months - lol). Seriously, this is a child who is very well versed for his young age of 23 and has so much wisdom, that he seems older at times and then sometimes he seems younger. My baby just turned 14 two weeks ago, and in two weeks I have to do it all over again with the middle child's birthday. So buckup guys, 33 and 26 are way too young to be complaining about being old.

    Wait until you hit 50 or close to it and are still teaching 12 year-olds. (John, just think in 12 years, you will be teaching the kids that are born this year. That's the really scary part.)

    So I get to embarrass you in class Monday, lol? Naw - I'll probably just say happy birthday and move on with the lessons. Looking forward to it. I'll have some virtual cake and ice cream for you - see you then - E :)


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