Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday + Friday = 3(Saturday)

See, I am good at math! I like the title equation. It means that I get 3 Saturdays this week. What more could you ask for?

I had a fantastic day. It started with tutoring (We did math today and it went fairly well), which moved straight into cleaning up the garden. What a relief that was. I guess I still need to work on the whole "taking pictures and adding them to my posts" thing. After we hauled off all the garden material we went up to my parents and we took out all of their tomato plants for them. As a reward for the kids helping, we took them to out to eat. We tried burger king, but a tour bus of Asians had just beat us in so we decided to try somewhere else. We ended up at Arby's. It as pretty good. Then we came home and finished the yard. The wife and kids cleaned up all the toys (threw out all the broken ones/unsafe ones) and winterized the backyard. I, meanwhile, was using the blower and cleaning up the front yard.

This all lead to us deciding to clean the car. So we went down to the local car wash and used their vacuum since it would suck up all the big garbage. It was nice to finally clean "Bessy" (that's the name I have given our van). She got new floor mats and a new storage bin for the kids to put all their coloring books, reading books, etc. in.

Next came a voice lesson. She was fun today. Since she is a/the lead in the musical, we worked on School House Rocks songs. One of the best parts about all this is that I will be able to keep the CD and music. So I can start teaching my 6th graders the songs. They are really fun! A good friend stopped by again as well. Brent J. It is always fun to have him come over. He loves our kids and plays well with them. What a blessing to our family he is.

My wife had BUNKO tonight, so she went to that around 6pm. I watched TV with the kids and made dinner.

That's about been the day. It has been wonderful to get lots of the little odd job things done we have been putting off. I hope to make it to the school tomorrow and get the same thing done there.

Anyhow, I still things I would like to get done. So,


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  1. I remember School House Rocks - loved them and they are so fun. Conjunction Junction is my fav. Funny that you named your van "Bessy". My car (Ford Focus) was running low on gas one day and it was a long trek to the house, I lovingly patted the dashboard and said, "Come on Bessie Mae, you can do it." And she did -

    I think it's funny that "Bessy" or "Bessie Mae" are common names to come up for cars.

    Sounds like a good day. See you in the class soon - E :)


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