Sunday, November 02, 2008

New Month, New Time, New Thoughts

Well Readers,

We have entered a new month. I am still looking around wondering what happened to the month of October. I feel like I didn't even get a second to really teach what I have wanted at school. I almost feel like my day is cluttered! I really need to re-evaluate my school day layout. I think that there are way too many things to try and fit in a school day. The kids need to be more involved, but the way my day is currently laid out requires mostly sitting, listening, and discussion. B-O-R-I-N-G! Even I know that. So I am working on a master plan to fix this- I may never figure it out, but I AM on a mission!

Tonight we will enter a new time. Daylight Saving Time ends for those of us who must endure the wonderful time changes. I wish my home state would just give it up. It messes up bedtime schedules, morning schedules, and just life in general. But it's okay. I guess that is part of life- being flexible. And lately I feel like Mr. Elastic!

And last, but not least, new thoughts! I am sure you are thinking to yourself, what could he possibly mean by this. Well, I am working on a new thought process. One that involves less whining about what I can't change, and one of trying to focus on what I can. It won't be easy and I know that. So, I guess yet another journey that you will get to enjoy with me.

I don't know if I ever related the update on the master's degree. I am on my own. I was clearly told that bottom line, the districts policy has ALWAYS been that I am to get the degree on my own. They simply pay for tuition and books (if I pass the class with a "B" or higher). So my response at this point, has been the feeling that I don't know that I really want the degree THAT bad, and I am really rethinking this line of thinking! I guess you will also get to follow along on this journey, albeit a short distance to go.


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