Monday, November 03, 2008

Play by Play (and other adventures)

Play practice was an adventure today. I was able to get the kids through the whole show twice. That was relief, and it actually went really well. (Aside from one of the main parts being abandoned by a student today). So the understudy is MADLY working through the lines and songs to have them ready for Friday.

I also spent a good chunk of the day at the school planning for tomorrow and writing a lesson plan for Wednesday. Another teacher and I are taking our three executive council members to a leadership conference. It will be fun. This will be our 3rd year going. It is just very tiring as we have to leave really early to make it on time.

Aside from that it has been a great day. I am plumb tuckered out. It is time to sleep. I have a student council meeting in the morning, before which I have to vote. After school I have a parent-teacher conference, then I am helping a person move, then tutoring, and lastly play practice from 6-9:30pm. Then home to sleep and repeat.

I guess I really need to sign off and head to bed.


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  1. I was just checking on you - haven't heard much since like Monday. Hope you are doing well and the field trip went well and that you are back on track with class. I look forward to being in class Monday. E :)


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