Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Again, Already? Really?

I can't believe that I am sitting here and that it is already 9:30pm again. I swear I just went to bed yesterday. The days are flying faster than I feel I can keep up. Today at school was a bit crazy. The kids were acting out quite a bit. I don't like this cycle that I am in. Kids are good for a week, bad for 3-4 days, good for a week... you get the idea. But, tomorrow is Wednesday already. It is going to be a long day as well. I am excited for the math night we are doing. It will be refreshing to have the parents in the building again. We are doing a math night in response to the frustration that some parents have expressed with not understanding what their student is doing- or students themselves not understanding what is going on with our new math program this year. Everyday Mathematics is a GREAT program and I know that it will really help our students to succeed. So be patient parents as we help you and your student understand what is going on.

My wife has a new calling. She is the primary chorister. WOW! We both have HUGE callings. This could be an exciting ride, to say the least. But we will be blessed for it too. I enjoy my calling and I know that my wife will LOVE this one, once she gets into it.

Friday-Sunday I will be all alone. My wife and kiddos are heading North (again :)) to her family Christmas party. I would be going too, except I have a funderful math endorsement class (which I am avoiding the homework for right now, actually). Boo Hoo, Woe is me. All alone... Ok, I am over it. I'll miss the family, but I am glad that my wife gets to be with her family.

We have had a weird experience going on in our house since we got back Sunday. I think we have a dead mouse in the venting. Every time the furnace kicks on we get quite the aroma. It makes my wife sick to her stomach. We have searched the vents (took pictures to see if something was in them- all seemed clear), took apart the furnace (as much as I dared too), and crawled under the house looking for leaks in the vents/ dead things that might be causing the smell. I am at a total loss of what is going on. The smell seems to be getting weaker as the days go by, but my wife says she can still smell it. I am so frustrated by it all. Anyways, I hope that it will go away soon. The smell, that is.

I think that is all the details to share, except it was family haircut night. Well, for everyone except my wife. I did offer to trim her hair for her, but she declined. I don't know why. I let her cut my hair. Gee, hun, don't you trust me?!?!? :) (Good, I don't!)

Take Care, and I am off to muddle through my paper I need to write (ok, so I have it about half done!) Oh, and my transcripts finally made it to the U of U so all I need to do is fill out my department application and I should be good to go with my application for my Masters in Education. It is going to be an exciting ride for sure. Not really... But Maybe... Okay, Not really... But it could be... Anyways...


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  1. Wow, do you ever have a day where you do absolutely nothing?? You are one of the busiest people, but that is good..so good job, don't go crazy! :)


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