Friday, March 13, 2009

I Have Finally Been Admitted...

Ok, I know you are thinking, Mr. Hughes, It CAN'T be that bad, but in this case it is great news! No, I am not going to the psych ward or the nearest nuthouse. I am going to be attending U of U for the next two years to get my Masters in Administration. I was officially accepted (at least on-line- I am still waiting for the formal letter.) So yea to me, and yuck to me too. It is going to be an interesting two year adventure, and while it will be stressful and trying, I am sure that it is also going to be a great adventure. (Mom and Dad, you will just have to accept that your son is going to be a UTE! I know you love BYU, but this is life! :) I know I will be keeping you posted on the latest developments.

On a totally different note, my wife and I are reading a book called Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman. You read the book and then watch videos on-line at certain points, using passwords. The first one scared the crap out of me. The second one did too. I even made my wife freak out because I freaked out. The 3rd one was actually not scary at all. I love this. I am doing this book as my next read aloud in class. It should be fun. I just hope it doesn't scare the kids too bad. Shouldn't. I guess they can always close their eyes. :)

Well, my wife has a Stampin' Up party in a few. I better go help with dinner.



  1. Congrats on the U thing! GOOD LUCK! We are Y people too, but I guess sometimes you have to sit back and watch people you care about make there own decisions! ;) Hey does Allisha have her own blog?

  2. Those kids scared? Ha, after all the vamp stories they read? I read part of one of those Cirque de Freak books and that was enough to freak me out - so I don't think they will be scared. Good luck with it and no, I will not join you in class when you do this read aloud - lol - I don't do freak me out well.

    Congrats on the admission to the University. I know you have been working hard for this. Will you have to go to classes or will this be an online thing? Keep us posted - E :)


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