Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And We're Back...

Live from Life, it's T-U-E-S-D-A-Y Night! And a boy howdy to that too. You can really tell when students have had 5 straight days with no school. I feel that even though we had quite a few rough spots today, overall things went well.

We started today off with morning meeting. I haven't done that in about 5 months. I think that it was part of the problem. We had a great time. Then we headed right into math. Things seemed to go okay. We also started a new math unit today. We are now working in probability. I hope this change of topic will get the students motivated in math again!

I also tried a new strategy with the kids. I assigned them jobs at their tables. One thing that they were responsible for as well as being an active participant. I am excited to see how this new arrangement helps. I also mixed up our day as the students had requested. I think that added the chaos. But they weren't bored! :)

Yesterday was AWESOME too. The last day of spring break and I truly enjoyed it. I have to confess that I did spend 6 hours at the school (thanks honey for not killing me :) ) and got caught up on projects (like rearranging shelves so I can find stuff faster, and decluttering other areas). My wife and kids came and helped towards the end. That was fun. As we headed home from the store, we got a text from some friends asking if we wanted to head out to the "beach" (a really neat, sandy area close to town along the river). We were excited to be invited and headed out. It was very relaxing to visit with friends and let the kids play (and yes, I was stressed about them getting wet, etc. But I am trying to be more relaxed in those situations!). After the beach, we came home and had a BBQ as a family and went for a nice walk. It was hard to make myself get back in the routine to bedtime for the kids. I have enjoyed so much seeing them and being with them.

I am a little leary about starting my Masters Degree. My first meeting (new student orientation) in on the 23rd! From there we start classes in May. That isn't so bad, but my math endorsement classes only end 1 week before the masters start. YUCKY! (I have probably already cried about that in a post somewhere else, maybe even more than once. Can you tell I am a little worried? :)) But, I think once it is underway, things will go okay.

Oh, I forgot to say that the other night I got a phone call offering me a place in this year's CORE Academy. I politely declined! They tried to convince me to run up to the Wasatch Front every Wednesday (between my Tuesday, Thursday classes, mind you) and teach a session. Ummm.... Heck No! Not just no, but HECK NO!

Well, I think I have shared enough of my life for the night. Good night out there in Cyberland!


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  1. And you have a new math sheet you can work on with the class if you want to. State Math - not your average math but simple math skills - lol. I hope we get some class time soon - it will be exciting to see things come along with the changes - see you soon - E :)


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