Thursday, May 28, 2009

And If That Wasn't Bad Enough...

Ok, so having to have another 60+ pages read for tonight's class is one thing, but waking up with an eye infection...REALLY???? So, now I have 1 and 1/2 eyes to use. The infection is compliments of my 1 year old. He has it is both eyes. It isn't pink eye, thank heavens, but still...

I am really enjoying my morning walks. It is so peaceful and relaxing. I can do a 3-mile walk in 30 minutes. I know that a 10 min. mile isn't record breaking, but it gets MY heart rate up and sustained, which is all I really want anyways. My oldest son has been going. This morning he made me laugh. He was lagging a little behind and I asked him if he was tired. "No Dad, I just have to jog to keep up with one of your steps!" We both laughed. We picked up my mom as we went by her house. Her and my son walked together and lagged while I kept my pace. I don't like leaving them behind, but I need to keep my heart rate up. Mom doesn't mind, and I enjoy that she gets to visit with my son.

Now, when it comes to drinking water...Hmmm, that has been a challenge. I have decided that if I can get through 60-70 oz. a day, for now, that that will be enough. Drinking TOO much is as bad as not drinking enough. Having the fruits and vegetables are good. I enjoy eating those.

Yesterday was nice. I was able to get A LOT of reading done. Okay, so that is ALL I really did! :( But I keep telling myself, it is only for 5 more weeks. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it... Have I convinced you yet? No?!?! Me either. :)

I am working on several surprises for my wife's birthday. I would divulge them here, BUT she reads this blog religiously and so hence, I refuse to give away the surprises. I can say (because she already knows) we are going to go and watch "Night at the Smithsonian" (Or what ever the 2nd Night at the Museum is called). She has a Dr. appointment that day so we will already be out of town. My sister that lives near here is going to bring a couple of her kids and join us. I have a great b-day gift for her and I am working on a second surprise today. Love you honey...

Well, the kids are asking to play outside and I want to take advantage of the cool morning air to read.(If I can see, that is... Plus I need to water a friends yard and garden)

Enjoy YOUR day, and keep a prayer in your heart that my eye will get better and I will survive these classes.



  1. hope you are getting some treatment for the eye - even if it's not pink eye - it is still contagious - obviously from the fact that your baby has an infection in both eyes. Keep some germ-x or whatever that stuff is around too - especially now that you are susceptible to infections of the eye - not a fun way to wake up - lol

    I'm glad you are going to keep your water down some - as I was worried that you were going to be putting too much water in and doing more harm than good.

    Anyway - keep up the good job and look forward to more reports - E :)

  2. Be grateful that its not pinkeye! I have had it before and it is totally horrible! Good job on the exercise- it is an awesome thing to do and sometimes can be lots of fun.


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