Thursday, May 07, 2009

T-Minus 11 and Counting

11 more days. I can't believe it. We have one more state test to take and then testing is over, and so will be the year (at least according to the students). I have decided NOT to do a class video this year. It was a tough choice and I am sad about it, but the students have decided not to allow it to happen by the way they are acting. I can't keep giving and giving while I hope to get something in return. So, in light of my super busy schedule coming soon, I have opted to NOT do the class movie and parent movie night. In fact, I am not even going to make a silde show with the class pictures as I have done in past years. YEA! More time for me.

On a different note, we have planted our garden. IT was nice to go back outside and get in the dirt. The weather has been SO warm, it is actually annoying. I keep telling everyone that apparently the recession has hit heaven too. Couldn't afford to do spring this year.

Life is going to be busy. Tomorrow we are heading out of town with some friends and won't return until late. Saturday I have my very last endorsement class. YEA! Two years of work and classes and it is finally OVER! Then I will spend the NEXT two years doing a masters degree. And then I think that will the end of schooling in my life. Sunday is Mother's Day so I still have to get that all figured out as well.

I better head to bed. I am exhausted, and I don't think that I am getting enough sleep. So have a great night.


P.S. Remember that PORK IS STILL SAFE TO EAT! lol- At least that is what they are telling us!

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  1. It's been an enjoyable experience working with you and your students. I will have gifts out to them and you first part of the week so that you will have them before the end of school. I know it's been a bumpy ride for you this year but you survived it and things are going to be crazy once that new baby shows up and summer hits. So stay strong and chat soon - E :)


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