Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Take A Tour...

I thought that after all the talk of the yard, I would walk the walk and show you around. We are very proud of our yard. Enjoy the pictures...

The iris' in our front yard. We are really enjoying them this year. They are HUGE and they are cross pollinating so we are getting some neat colors.

This is the tree in our front yard. We aren't sure what type it is, but it is sure pretty in the spring. It will flower like this every spring for about 2 weeks.
A close-up of the same tree.

This is the amazing added onto patio! The four rows on the left are the new ones. Now all we need is our shed (coming this summer), our fence, our new stairs (these are getting S-C-A-R-Y, coming this year), and a little grass.

We are proud of our little garden. The corn started coming up today! YEA!

The clump of green at the bottom of the garden is our strawberry patch. They are really growing this year. We have got some wonderful strawberries already! You can also see the swingset in the back ground. (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Hughes- the kids LOVE it!)

The front of our house Our grass is doing well this year. We did have to kill some lawn grubs that were killing the roots, AND since we used too much sand when we planted, we will be fertilizing and feeding our lawn ALL the time! Oh well, it's green and soft for the kids.

More of the house.

Welcome Home!

As you can see, we really have been busy. We love taking care of our yard. It is relaxing and I call it my "Zen" moment.



  1. Looks good John! I wonder what it would be like to live somewhere that actually had spring! It sure doesn't happen here! ;)

  2. LOL - we seemed to have skipped spring and slipped back into winter and then to summer and back to winter - I wish Mother Nature would make up her mind and say okay, enough and just give us the weather we need.

    Your yard looks pretty cool and I'm sure the kids are happy with whatever they have. Good job. See you in the postings - E :)

  3. It looks so beautiful. Isn't it fun to work in the yard and finally see the fruits of your labor! :) It looks great. I really appreciate your patio after what we have been through putting in only three rows! lol. Its hard work. Hope you are doing well. Love and miss you!!!!


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