Saturday, June 06, 2009

Oh What Do You Do In The Summer Time?

Today has been great. In fact, it is the first day that has actually felt like "summer" (which is ironic since it is a Saturday). I have only devoted a very small amount of time to reading and other assignments and have focused on just having a day for me. (That will catch up to me later, but oh well!). I did submit 2 assignments Thursday night, late and received the grades for them yesterday. I got an A- on the 2 page paper, and an A on the discussion questions that I had to write. It felt good to get them done and in. The depressing part is I still have a 5 page paper that is due Thursday. I plan to start writing that tonight. (Notice the key word: PLAN, not PROMISE, but PLAN!) I did take a nap today (which I rarely do) and I do NOT have any early morning meetings for church (YEA!) so that is that.

I am going to be BBQ-ing ribs and chicken breasts here in a little while. They sound SOOOOOOOOOOOO yummy! I have to clean up the yard a bunch first. We set up our kiddie pool for the kids and turned on the city water sprinklers (ditch water is just TOO dirty!). Actually, as I sit and write this they are still just splashing and carrying on. I am glad they have had fun. This is the first time that we have had the pool setup for about 2 years. My wife and I have decided to try and make this at least a bi-weekly event. The kids need a chance to play and have fun.

Well, time to let the water out of the pool and get the yard cleaned up. Then we all know what time it will be...



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