Friday, July 31, 2009

I've Become a Handy Man!

So, I guess all I needed was a few power tools to overcome my fear and take off at full speed. Wednesday, my father generously agreed to drive me to Grand Junction with his trailer to get the wood I would need to build shelves in our new shed as well as other things (like a screen door for the back door). While there, I used a gift card we had earned from our credit card and I was able to purchase a few power tools. I got a really nice cordless drill, a circular saw, and a jig saw. When we got home I got right to work and built the benches for the fire pit area. Next I installed the screen door on the back of the house (it looks so nice and is great as now we can let in the cool evening air and leave all the bugs outside!). I was very excited I did some things on my own!

Thursday morning I was up fairly early and set up my workspace to build the shelves for our new shed. After a brief break (took kids to t-ball and coach pitch only to find out it was over) I came home and got to work. About 7 hour later we had two sets of shelves (1-16 ft and 1- 8ft, each are 3 shelves). They look SO great and they are beyond sturdy! Yes, I will post a picture, but not until we clean out our shed tomorrow as it looks REALLY bad right now! So Thursday was a very long and tiring day!

This morning (Friday) was add shelves to the pantry day. I got that completed in a little over 3 hours (YEA!) and they look great. I added four shelves behind out pantry door where there was a waste of space. Now we can actually see what we have have lots and lots of storage space.

Now, this afternoon, we are cleaning out all our hall cupboards of decorations and getting them out to the the shed to store them. That will free up all the space we need in the hall to build up our two year supply of food storage that we have started (and now we won't have to look at all the cans stacked around on the counter tops. Not to mention I will have a place to store my power tools.

I guess I better get back to work. Our little one sure is a cutie! He has thankfully slept quite well through all this cleaning stuff!


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  1. Yeah all it takes is a few power tools - lol - my husband has tools and is still not a handyman. I'm still waiting for him to fix my toilet which shouldn't even require power tools but after eight weeks of having what he needs to fix it, the toilet is still not fixed. It's frustrating more than anything - he has a working toilet and I don't. So having tools does not a handyman make in some cases.

    You have been busy - lol good luck - E :)


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