Monday, July 13, 2009

A Week From Today...

OK, so I am freaking out a little bit. A week from today (almost exactly) my wife and I will make the hour journey to the hospital to have our 5 and final child. I am excited, but it all seems surreal. We are still up in the air on the name. We like Eli, but my wife isn't 100% sold in it. We are also discussing Jeffery. I don't know. Guess we better work that out soon!

This week is my first "real" week of summer as both of my classes are over, and I am almost a little lost. I can't work in my classroom because the district still has not laid down my new carpet. I can't really plan anything until that gets done. I hate the feeling of knowing I need to get things done, but can't do them.

We have ourselves a busy week planned out. We are hoping to head to my sisters on Wed. and go swimming in the new aquatic center's outdoor area (like a mini-water park). I am not a fan of swimming, so it doesn't do much to excite me, but it WILL be nice to see my sister. My brother is also talking about going to Junction this weekend, just the adults, and seeing Harry Potter. It will great to take time to go and spend an evening with my brother and his wife. We don't do much with them and it will be fun. Friday is a church social that I am responsible for. Thank heavens for some good counselors that help out a bunch. I think that it will be a great event.

We had a major rain storm on Saturday night here. I was a little nervous wondering if the shed would leak. Well, it didn't as far as I could see. So yea! I still have some touch-ups that need to be done (caulking the trim and vents, etc.) and I will do them eventually, but I am done working on outdoor projects for a while. However, Saturday morning, I spent my 20+ minutes (more like 2 hours) cleaning out my tin storage shed. Since we were able to move a majority of items out of my shed that we had been storing there, I was able to clean out the area and de-junk it. Now when I go in the shed, I don't have to trip over bikes, scooters, and other "treasures" from our house. I can walk in, go right to what I need, and leave. The only down side to that shed being my shed, is that being tin, it gets a mite toasty during the summer and arctic in the winter. But, it is MY space! :)

We made a horrific discovery last night too! Something is killing one of my squash plants. I have checked it carefully for bugs and I water it frequently, so I am a little miffed that it is croaking. My grass is having issues again. I don't understand what is happening. Guess you just keep working and doing your best.

---update now complete---


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  1. I can't believe it is already almost time for the new baby! We can't wait to hear the name you choose and to hear how it went. We are thinking about you all!


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