Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 2 and Still Good

Day 2 is over and I am feeling like this is going to be a great year. It is way too early to tell if things will work out great, BUT the trend seems to be working in my favor. I know that if the kids will work hard this year we will soar.

I got my CORE test results from last year. It wasn't pretty. I won't disclose them here (if you really WANTED too you could track them down through the state site- but it really isn't worth it and please don't!) It was not good. That was about the only downer in my day.

I have had a chance to help take care of the yard and pick and deliver tomatoes to some friends. Our plants have gone out of control crazy with tomatoes. That is a good thing. We are glad to have them and share them.

Well time for dinner and reading for my class!



  1. Remember that the test scores are not a reflection on you - they are a reflection on the learning ability of the students overall - from everything they have learned since starting school at age 5.

    I think standardized tests are a waste really since they don't reflect how the student really learns and they try to put all students in the same category. Don't let it get to you too much.

    On an up note, the kids are doing great this year so far - but only two days in - I'll keep my fingers crossed that this is a better year than last year. Looking forward to getting into the routine of helping the students with their writing - E :)

  2. That is tough- I am sure that puts a lot of stress on you, but I am sure that you are an awesome teacher. By the way- what do you think about having a class reunion in Sept. at Melon Days?


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