Sunday, August 16, 2009

Somebody's NINE!

Yesterday was my oldest son's birthday. What a great day it was.

Of course, the whole day wasn't a party. I was up and going by 7am and helping my dad finish cleaning out one of the storage units they had into the other so they don't have two units. I thought for sure that it would take several hours, but surprisingly enough it only took about 1 hour.

Since I still had lots of energy (ha, ha) I decided it was clean the van day. Once a year we deep clean our car. We loaded up and went down to the car wash to wash and vacuum the van. We returned home and I washed the windows (inside) and Armour All-ed the interior. YEA! We have a clean van.

After showering and a few hours of relaxing, we started getting ready for dinner. My son chose to have a BBQ for his b-day dinner. We had steak, hotdogs, hamburgers, and chicken. My brother came with his wife and two of their children and my parents also came. It was a great time and it was nice to visit and celebrate having my son apart of our lives.

Church today was okay. My morning meetings seem like such a waste of time. I don't know any more. Anyways, tomorrow I am heading back to the school to get the first few days planned out. Since my college classes start the same day as school I have to have at least the first two days completely planned out and ready to go. I love the first week of school, what with everyone getting back into the routine and teaching expectations and such. Should be an adventure.

Well, back to the family.


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  1. Well happy belated b-day oldest child of Mr. Hughes - lol. I will send something soon for your special day.

    Deep cleaning - sounds like soul washing and we all need to do that occasionally. I need to do something with my car and hurry up and get a van.

    Don't forget I have a surprise for you and I need to get it in the mail now so you can have it for school - it will supplement the writing workshop class so be on the lookout.

    I can't wait to meet your wonderful class of readers and writers this year - chat soon - E :)


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