Thursday, September 10, 2009

239 and Going Strong

I just noticed as I was adding my post that this will be my 239th post! That seems a little crazy. As I read over my life the past year and a few months, I realize that I have accomplished A LOT, whined A LOT, and shared some great stories- See the MOUSE tag! I am grateful to have have forum to share this goings-on in my life.

Great news! I got full points on my first reading reflection in one of my classes. Thanks to me little sis AND wife for helping be getting on paper and edited. Sis, where are you for this next one? lol.

Today was our student council elections for the students. That has been an adventure. It was nice to have them over and I am excited to see which four students I will have the chance to work with!

Our family made it to the high school to help with the Queen Pageant practice, but only after we had dinner and taught our piano and voice lessons. I am getting nervous to be the MC. That really ISN'T my comfort zone- to be on the stage running a queen pageant. But, it will all be over a week from tomorrow. YEA!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY, and while you can't see it (nor would you want to) I am doing my little happy dance. I don't say that because school isn't going well, I say that because I have A LOT to get done in the next couple of days. I am speaking in church on Sunday and need to get my talk ready, I have a college paper to write and a second paper to get started on, I am leading a discussion on an article in class on Tuesday and need to study that article, AND I need to get my room decorated and ready for Pirate Week. Anyways...

I need to go so I can get reading my assignments so I don't drown in them over the weekend. Take care.



  1. And deal with inadequate authors who can't get a stupid video to save with music to it - lol. I know I should stop being a pest and let you get your job done. Thanks for the support though. I really appreciate it. Looking forward to pirate week - lol - will be my first one - E :)

  2. I would love to help. I can call you and you can tell it to me and I will type it and email it to you :) That was fun. I am so glad you got 100%
    It was great to see you guys. You have the cutiest patootiest baby. Can't wait to see you again soon (I hope).


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