Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Click HERE to play the traditional round of  CAT BOWLING for Halloween! You will be taken to my School Classroom Wikispace to play. That way the music isn't playing the background of my blog.

Today was HORRIBLE! I don't really even want to talk about it. My wife is gone for the weekend to St. George for a cousin's wedding. She will be back with my baby and my princess on Sunday afternoon. I have been sick all week, my eye has been twitching for almost 2 days now (I am going crazy over it), my entire family is/is just getting over being sick. School was not something I want to mention today as at this moment I am thinking of finding a new career that doesn't involve having my heart on my sleeve so prominently. I have joked in the past, but I am getting old enough now, that if I don't seriously decide if can/can't do this for 30 more years, now is the time to get out and move on to something else. So that will be weighing heavily on my mind. I really don't have a desire to talk to anyone other than my wife about it, however, so please don't bring it up.

Well, it is the "boy's" weekend and my son's are waiting for me. I am setting aside all school crap for now.


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  1. That makes me sad to hear this from you but I'm sure you will do the right thing. You have my prayers and thoughts for you. I know it is a hard decision but everything will work out in the end and you will be happy with whatever you do. Keep the faith. Mrs. E :)


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