Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Two Days of Near Death (And the Close of the Kodak Saga...I Think)

Wowzers! I woke up Tuesday morning and knew that I wouldn't be going to school. I could hardly stand up, let alone teach. The poopy part was having to come up with sub plans while feeling sick. I called the clinic and asked if a PA would be in. They said yes. I told them I would call if I felt worse. I should have just scheduled an appointment. I called back around noon and told them I had to get in. The did get me in, though they weren't very excited about it. The PA told me that I most likely started with a bronchial infection and then picked up the flu on top of that. Fun stuff. She said that lots of sleep, liquids, and more sleep is what I need. I slept a good portion of yesterday.

This morning I woke up and could actually stand up. I was still light headed, but was feeling much, much better. As the day wore on my headache returned, but still felt good. Now it is after 5pm and I just returned from my classroom. My sub did a great job. My class did well too. Just a couple of kids that will need a talking too! But it is all good. I am looking forward to being back at school, mostly so I don't have to write sub plans. That is NOT a fun experience. 

The Kodak Saga is drawing to a close. After a few short e-mails this morning, it appears that our new printer has been shipped (or will be soon). I was SO frustrated with Customer Service. I had scanned the box's UPC and got THIS e-mail in response:

Hi Mr. Hughes, if you can send a copy of the proof of purchase (if you found it) that would be great!

So I wrote this:

Mr.  Frazier,
So would you define Proof of Purchase? I have asked in several e-mails if you needed the receipt or a certain part of the box and all I ever get from you is "proof of purchase". If you would be clear to start with, maybe we could get this solved a lot quicker! So I assume you mean receipt from the purchase?!?!  Please let me know!

And they wrote this:
Hi John, my apologies to you, yes the receipt  from the purchase of your ESP3 printer. Hope this helps!

Finally. They defined Proof of Purchase! I only asked in at least FIVE, yes FIVE e-mails exactly what they needed. But aside from that, it appears that Kodak is working to make amends in this case. Now, what they did for Mrs. E??? Not so much. But that is a different story and a different post. At this point, Kodak moves up from a 0 to a solid 2 out of 10. If and when the printer arrives AND it actually works, I will re-evaluate them and possibly remove them from "the LIST"! lol Interesting stuff this is!

Well, it is time for dinner.


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  1. Glad you are feeling better. And as for the Kodak saga, it isn't over yet. The printer will be just like the first - a lemon. Mine was. But such as life. Yes, what did they do for me - hummm offered me two replacement cartridges after being shown how many cartridges I had purchased in a 14-week period and even being told I had purchased an HP the middle of June which I'm happier with and have used less ink in the long run than I did with my Kodak. Hello? Two replacement cartridges and a $15 off or 15% off anything from the online store? - what's up with that - I'm not using the Kodak so why would I want replacement cartridges just to sit around here doing no good.

    Such is life. They should really refund my money since I sent them all my purchase info. I doubbt that will ever happen. So I will never move Kodak up on the board from a 0 in my book. Good luck with yours - see you in the postings - E :)


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