Saturday, December 12, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let it... Be Colder Than All Get Out!


I am quite the slacker, I must say. I haven't blogged in almost a week and it feels like it was just yesterday. So much has happened the last while.

The past week in school, time flew by. I don't even know what happened. I have so many fun and exciting holiday activities that I want to do each year, and each year I end up with half of not even done.

It snowed here this past week. It was pretty while it was falling, but the subsequent 10 degrees below zero temperatures we experienced since then has been cause for stress (don't want frozen plumbing!). But, today was a balmy 31 degrees, so maybe we are headed back to a tid bit warmer temperatures.

Master's Classes ended this week. Tuesday Ms. D and I had a presentation about our 10 page paper we were writing. That was a huge pain. When class time ended on Tuesday, I was very relieved that another semester had come to an end. We still had a 10 page paper to complete but knew that we would work on that later in the week.

I had kinda spaced the school program knowing that I was experiencing the "plenty of time to worry about that later" syndrome. My class is doing a lip sync to Elvis' Blue Christmas. It should work out really well. The kids made up the dance for it and they made it fun. Speaking of dance, my students are also going to be in a district wide 6th grade dance festival. We will be traveling by bus in January to the other side of the county (which is also the school district) to attend. Our school is by far the farthermost school. But we will try it this year to see if it is worth returning. Thank heavens for a parent here in town that is willing to come a few days a week and teach my students the dances. Dancing is SO not my area of expertise.

Well, I have other things I can say, but I need to head up to my parents house. I will leave you all with this happy and exciting piece of news.... WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER BABY!

Just kidding! But I got your attention! We are so done having kids- but on to the actual news-

Ms. D and I finished our 10 page paper today and submitted it. That means that I don't have class anymore until JANUARY! WAHOOOOOOOOOO!



  1. You do realize that your wife is gonna hate you for that comment. Oh well, its your hide not mine. :)

  2. lol - I was thinking the same thing - She should kill you for that comment - lol But yay!!!! school is over for a month now and you can have fun the next week and a half with your students. Good luck with the dance thing - see you in class - E :)

  3. You crack me up!!!! I do admit a second of thinking "REALLY? - I thought you all were done!!" But hey...the more the merrier!!" Then I just laughed!! Knowing Allisha,she cracked up too!(Then went-"uh, NO!" LOVE YOU!!!!!


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