Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!

I can't believe that it is already 2010. Holy Moley. I have spent almost this entire week working on getting my classroom library. I am PLEASED to say that after 5 days and many, many hours (thanks to my wife as well...) We were able to get over 1800 books in. All the books the students can use are now in the computer. The others I will get in in bits and pieces.

Now that I have all that done, I can start back to working on planning out the coming week. Add to that the need to pay for my next master's classes and order the books for that. I also need to sketch out some lesson plans for Friday as I am heading to the doctor for a consultation that day. So still plenty to do.

I will worry about all that tomorrow after church. I have meeting starting at 7am and going until 1pm. After that will be rest time.

I have really enjoyed my iPod Touch. It has been fun to load it with apps (there are some pretty fun and also LAME apps out there)

Well, it is late enough and I have to be up early- so I am outtie



  1. Well, I have been wondering about you and your throat for a couple of YEARS now...ever since you said something a LONG TIME AGO! We will be waiting to hear. Also, I feel your pain about the blood pressure meds. I have to do that too! Hope all is well. Tell your wife hello!

  2. My husband taught art for a few years, he loved it also. No one will ever know how much work goes into teaching. Sadly we couldn't make the pay stretch far enough to live on.


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