Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So Who Ordered This Crap?!?


When I left for school today, the weather was pleasantly warm and cloudy. By the time school had started 45 minutes later, there was about a 1/2-INCH of snow on the ground. I told myself that all would be well because it did this on Monday and the sun came out a hour later and melted it all plus some of the "old" stuff.

Well, I checked at lunch- YEP, still snowing.
Checked at afternoon recess0 YEP, still snowing.
Went out after our family exercise session- YEP, Still snowing.

It has been snowing now for almost 12-hours. Haven't we already HAD our turn will all this white crap! Now we get to experience the joy of a muddy road AND slick sidewalk. But, I guess that is winter time for you!

Tonight is also my daughter's birthday dinner. She is having a princess party on Saturday, so we are doing a more low-key family event. We are having my brother and his family as well as my mom and dad over. It will be nice to visit. Happy Birthday, My Little Princess!.

Tomorrow I am trying Ancient Egypt day in my classroom. I had purchased all the materials last year, but never used them. So I am going to brave it this year. Since Utah changed the 6th grade CORE for what is taught in Social Studies, it really isn't part of my CORE anymore and this may be the last year I doing anything with it.

Life seems to be going well. My blood pressure seems to be lower, exercising is helping me feel better about myself, and school is school. My master's classes are going to be very challenging this semester. It almost seems VERY overwhelming to me. BUT, one day at a time, Mr. Hughes, One day at a time.



  1. Better you than me. Maybe that is why the kids were so subdued yesterday - lol. I'm hoping we dont get the scary snow next month like we did last year, well technically it was the 1st of March but I was out of town that weekend and had to drive home in it and for this area, that was scary. You are used to it because of where you live.

    I hope ancient Eygpt Day goes well for you.

    Happy b-day young lady. Hope you have lots of fun. E :)

  2. I am so glad you got the snow and not me :) hehe.
    Happy Birthday to your Little Princess from ours! :)
    I like the new look of your blog. Do you want a different header? I am working on a logo...
    Hope you have a great day at school. We love and miss you tons! :)


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