Wednesday, February 24, 2010

300th Post And Going Strong...

I can't believe that this marks my 300th post. When I started blogging over 2 years ago, I never thought that it would lead to this. But I am glad I started. It has been one heck of a ride. I have enjoyed blogging about everything from my horrible mouse in the vent experience to see the moon rise twice to surviving this "wonderful" masters program that I am in.

And just think, many of you have been along for the ride the entire time. Lucky you! Speaking of masters classes. I am please to report that on my last paper I was able to pull a 100% (of course everyone that turned one in got that as well.) Our teacher said she thought that all the papers were very well written. I am desperate to pass this class and have it over with. I still have two 4-5 page papers, a teacher evaluation project, and a 15-20 page paper. Add those to the three 3-4 page papers that I have already done and you have WAY TOO MUCH WRITING for ONE teacher! I just find it unreal. But, I shall stop whining now (at least for a minute) and move on.

We got our taxes completed and sent off. I love tax time as I always get a decent refund. It is like our little savings account. We use it to build up all our savings accounts that we use all year long. YEA! Happy refund day for us.

School is going well. I have had a few issues with my class as far as just simply goofing off and being disrespectful. But, I gave them a little speech today and it seemed to mellow out by the end of the day. Phew.

Tonight we headed up to my parents house (after a short exercise session at the elementary school) and enjoyed a wonderful dinner with my mom, dad, and little sister and her family. It has been nice to see them once in a while and visit.

Tomorrow is Parent Teacher Student Conferences. I enjoy visiting with parents, I just wish that I had a magic power that made it so I could be done before 6:00pm. My daughter is performing in the basketball game (she has been in Jr. Cheer Camp all week) and I may have to miss it.

Well, it is time to head out. Early morning PTS Conferences (Start at 7:30am- have two before school starts and then the rest are after school.


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