Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Doctor Visit 2.0

So, we went to Price yesterday to get the "results" from my scope. It wasn't exactly exciting. I am now scheduled to have a swallowing x-ray on Friday. I get to drink barium while they x-ray me. My doctor isn't quite sure what is wrong. The results will determine where we go from here. I asked what the options would be. He told me that there were really only 3 options: 1) Throat surgery, 2) ballooning of the throat, or 3) medication. I guess we will see where this all leads. I hope not much further as funding this adventure is not going to be pretty.

I got my first paper graded and returned. I got 93/100. It is a good score, but since I am a perfectionist, I wanted a 100/100. lol.
I just submitted a second paper tonight, and have another 4 page paper due on Tuesday. Man, I will be so thankful when this class is over. I find myself thinking that I just can't keep writing these papers, and that it is going to do me in! But, my wife is very supportive and I appreciate her very much. (Thanks love!)

Well, since I was up until after 2am last night finishing my paper, and I have to be up early tomorrow as I am in charge of faculty meeting, I best sign off.



  1. Ballooning the throat? Dilatation is more likely - lol - I just can't help it when my job side kicks in. The barium stuff is nasty - so be prepared. Praying that nothing serious is going on and you don't have to have surgery. Talk to you soon - E :)

  2. I hope all is well with your tests. I will keep you in my prayers. I have been teaching for 34 years and am also blogging about my experiences.

  3. You r too funny! Reading about your "perfection" issue brought me right back to high school. I was the same way!!


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