Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Wide World of Feeling Like Poodoo

So, I found out on Friday that I had(have) pneumonia. That was fun- NOT. I have felt pretty poopy for quite a while. I got to bring home some medication to take. Now that it is almost a week later, I am sad to report that I am NOT getting much better. My congestion is getting less and less, however my headache is going to kill me off. I have had a splitting headache now for several days. Headache + Coughing = PAIN! But, all in all I am feeling much better. Better than being wheezy.

My college class. Hmmmm. That is an interesting topic right now. I have put some serious consideration into dropping out of the program after these classes end. I would have to repay the district and my parents some money, but I would have my sanity back. I am not sure right now what I will do. I am sure you will find out when I decide. As far as my current classes, one class is great, the other is a true challenge. I am sick to DEATH of writing papers that seem pointless. It truly is busy work, I would have hoped to have a graduate level class be more "useful". But I guess that is how life works. I know I will survive it, I just don't know if I will survive it with the grade I need. Part of the time I want to scream and throw everything in the air and have a two-year old tantrum. Other times I am so angry at my teacher that I want to write a paper she would HAVE to give a 100% score on. Of course the latter is preferable, but not my typical reaction. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!

School has been going well. I had to have a "pep" talk with a student today. I am tired of kids having NO self esteem today. I spent 15 minutes reminding him/her that they are of worth, that they are a good person, and that I was sorry for being demeaning earlier in the day in front of the class. Being a teacher in today's world requires quite the array of skill: Mentor, Educator, Psychiatrist, Doctor, Parent, Cheerleader...just to name a few. Gosh, I LOVE being a teacher- :) (Now, if I just got a the paychecks ALL those professions got- that would work.)

Well. I hope the warm weather stays around for a while. Except for the past couple days, the weather has been beautiful. The city has been working to make our road drive-able until spring and they repave it (I hope that is the case). Anyways, I have a five page paper to work on...



  1. John, I am feeling the same way about my college classes. I am seriously considering a break for a while. The workload is driving me crazy, and I am not even in masters classes. I feel your pain for sure. Sorry to hear about your pneumonia. Sounds awful! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!

  2. Either way, you aren't a quitter. You will finish the course, you won't go on to be a principal or administrator; you will continue teaching. You will find the right area for you. You have like one more year to go and then you are done. I do understand the pain of all the writing and not being able to enjoy yourself week after week due to being bogged down with homework and school work. Find out why you are writing so many papers if they are useless; question the validity of that. Write a paper exposing the college courses and why they aren't really meeting the goals as set out in the beginning.

    Maybe just take a short break - instead of going straight through in the summer and fall, start back next spring semester and get yourself back on track. People do it all the time - start a master's program and end up taking some time off during the whole thing just to regroup. You have been nonstop since I've known you and you have a family that also needs your attention. Don't let the things you enjoy suffer because of one college program, but don't completely quit either. Just take a break and regroup yourself.

    And lastly, don't "throw" (you had through there) anything up in the air and have a tantrum like a 2-year-old. Not kosher. Not a good example for your kids and your students, and definitely not a good example as a leader in the community and church.

    Okay - enough of me telling you what to do - lol - I have my own issues and demons to deal with. Hang in there and you will see in the end it will be worth it. E :)

  3. I hope you are feeling better. I am glad that I got to read your perspective and challenges. Teaching isn't an easy job and I have great respect for you.


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