Saturday, April 17, 2010

Not Pneumonia, But...

possibly asthma. Great! Just what I need in my stress filled life! But, I guess that is how it goes. I did ask the PA to give a higher level allergy medication to see if that would help. (Of course it may NOT be asthma, but they didn't have time to test me yesterday because something about emergencies and not having time- interesting how the entire staff was visiting in the office area!!!). Anyways, that is out of the way.

Today is the big Easter family event at my parent's house. My sisters are coming, but my brother and his family are in Price at my niece's track meet. I guess she is really kicking but in the 200 meter!! Go M.

It was nice to have a lazy morning. What with busy Sunday's and the rest of my life happening every other day, I have had a chance to work on our desktop computer. I have now started avoiding FireFox. I am tired of the crashing every 3 minutes. So I am now learning to use Safari from Apple. I am beginning to really like it (A LOT!). We will see how that works out in the end. So far the features on it are pretty cool. I am glad that I am a little techno savvy so that I can figure things out fairly easily.

Well, I still have LOTS to do before we head up to the parent's diddy.


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