Monday, June 21, 2010

Carnivals, Kids, and Father's Day OH MY!!!!

My Little Boy is now officially 11 months old! Man how time flies. It seems like only yesterday he was born and I was deathly sick at the hospital wishing I could help my wife, but hardly able to get off the couch in the hospital room. Good thing they didn't know I was sick, they would have kicked me out- pronto!
Anyways, my little buddy is getting all grown up. In fact in the video at the bottom, he is almost walking. What a silly boy! Daddy loves you very much.

With yesterday being Father's Day, my cute little family gave me some fun gifts. This is a gift from my wife. I guess she made it at the Stitching Bee group she attends once in a while. I LOVE it! I think that if you click on the picture, you should be able to read it, but if not, it says," My Fan, My Teacher, My Coach, My Mentor, My Pal, My Hero, My Dad." It is stitched onto a white shirt and she mounted it in the frame with part of a tie. Very tricky stitching bee ladies, very tricky! I have it sitting here on the ledge by my computer so I can see it everyday. Thanks honey!

The kids (with the help of my wife) made a fun little coupon book for me. I get a few massages, several "1 hour of silence", lawn mowings, playing Legos, among other fun things! Thanks you sweet little ones! I love it very much!

This gift from my wife made me laugh. A year or so ago, she bought me a new lawn chair as mine had broke. Both of our chairs were on the dying end, so when I got my new one, I would always set it up for her (I wanted to be the one that hit the ground if the chair broke, not my sweet wife!). In some ways it frustrated her that I wouldn't sit in "my" chair. So this year she ordered a second new chair. I told her now I will take the blue one and she can have the orange (Wal-Mart says Red) chair. She just laughed. Even better it is rated to hold my large frame! YEA! B-O-N-U-S!

My crafty wife makes the most amazing cards! I love her simple yet elegant style in crafting. She knows when to stop embellishing so that it is just right! She also made me laugh ALOT with the card. I could tell you what she wrote, but then I would have to kill you! (Well, not really KILL you because that is really violent and more importantly against the law. So, I guess I retract that statement and will replace that phrase with: I COULD tell you what she wrote, but I don't wanna!)

This picture below is kinda creepy, yet somehow intriguing. I have wondered what I would look like with a small head, now I know. Guess it doesn't matter as I get to keep the honker I have! Anyways, what this picture REALLY the COOLEST FATHER'S DAY GIFT EVER! LIKE I MEAN EVER!!!!! My wife (thanks to her sister Nichole) took my blog and had it printed in a book! This is the 2008 edition. Today in the mail, I got the 2009 posts (with pictures and comments). I think that was one of the most enjoyable afternoons I have spent in a long, long time. It was so funny to re-read my posts from two years ago. I must say, that I have LOTS of typos and I also get pretty silly sometimes, but I always smile! So just think, if you start posting comments- you will get to be published in my 2010 edition next year. Pretty cool huh? Huh? HUH?
The cover is what you can see above. The back of this one has the family photo for 2008. The 2009 has the family photo for that year. My wife is SO wonderful to think of this. I can honestly say it has been one of the best gifts I have ever received!

I hope you enjoyed the videos. One is my baby walking, the other is my little project from today that involved nearly throwing my computer out the window and stomping on it! (It crashed a lot- well, the movie software I have crashed a lot!) Anyways, I am always excited to share my life with the world (wide web). Enjoy!


P.S. Who ever has been tacky enough to leave ads for Viagra and such in the comment section of my blog- seriously GET A LIFE (AND A REAL JOB!!!!!!!) It was bad enough to do something like that- but you chose to do it on the post about the passing of my brother-in-law! Seriously, Get Real!


  1. Those are spammer bots - somehow they get through because some person can get through the verification - it's very tacky and I have a feeling that you, among many others, were targeted because of me leaving comments on your blog. I have a stalker who leaves nonsensical messages on other people's blogs - like they were written in a foreign language or something. I don't know how to stop it from happening other than not leave comments on anyone's blog ever again.

    I love the book of your blog postings and all. How awesome. Where did she publish them? You have something to really look back on now, even though are posts are archived forever on the net - lol.

    Cool posting - sorry about the spammers and hope they disappear. - maybe you will have to moderate the comments instead of just verification thing - E :)

  2. I am so glad that you loved your blog books. When I saw the website to get them printed, I immediatly thought of you. I can't wait to get mine printed to. I would love to see yours and check them out. Happy Father's Day!


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