Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Proud of MY SON!

As a father, it is so exciting and fulfilling to watch one of your children do what they have set out to do (or at least give it their all trying)!

Last night was one of those wonderful moments. My son has been playing little league (as I have made mention of) for almost two months. Last night was his last game for this year. We had been practicing in the mornings (pitching, hitting, fielding) this week because my son was determined to get a hit in this game. He has been afraid of the ball since last year when he got hit. He would step backwards out of the batter's box and not even really swing. I would throw really hard balls for him to practice with. He figured if he could get a hit off his dad, then he could get a hit off any of the team's pitchers.

On the way to game last night he told me that he just had to get a hit because it was the last game and if he didn't get a hit he would just "freak out". I laughed. He also had to have me put on this eye black (grandma had bought it for him- weird stuff- comes in a lipstick tube). He told me he didn't get any hits last game because he forgot to wear it!- That too made me laugh.

It was exciting to watch a young man who rarely even got a foul ball really get solid hits. True two of the four hits were outs, but one was a triple... A TRIPLE!!!!! It was a straight hit to left field. I was so excited! Other parents probably thought I had lost my mind! I am glad his team did win the game, but more important to me was the fact that he accomplished what he set out to do- get a hit!

And not only that, he caught a couple pop-flies and made several outs (with the help of his team mates) at first base where he plays!

I guess if I didn't thank his three amazing coaches that would just be rude! Those gentlemen gently coached his team along- and I appreciate that. They were always positive and supportive! Thanks gentlemen, and THANK YOU MY SON FOR WORKING SO HARD! YOU ROCK!!!!


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