Friday, July 30, 2010

Almost...I Am Almost Ready!

Well, after a week and a half of practically living at the school, I feel that I have de-cluttered, de-junked, de-any thing else you can think of in my room! I love that feeling of clean and organized. I have set up the tables and chairs (I don't use desks in my classroom) and got the table totes and materials mostly handed out and ready to go on each desk. I still need to write a letter that I want sent home in each registration packet or on it's own, if I can get the secretary to do that, plan out the first few days (since my master's classes start the same day as the first day of school again- but never again as we are finally in the home stretch and on our last year- YAY!) and a few other little odds-n-ends. I have really enjoyed working there, but I am also grateful to have it done so I can focus on being with the family for the last couple weeks of summer! School starts in just over three weeks, so I want to get in all the family time I can.

While I was at the school today, my wife finished off the last white wall (minus the kid's rooms) in the house! You go honey! She will do her own posting on that, so be watching her blog for that. The house looks so different with all the walls painted tan (or walnut wash or something like that) and I love it.

Since she was painting (amazing work, I can't say that enough) I made dinner. It was tough too, I made frozen pizza with left over salad from last night. I did do grapes and soda and chips. See, I am all about a healthy, well thought out meal. Actually I did pull out the cookbooks to see, but everything that looked good took like 2 hours to make and it was already late. Frozen pizza was okay though.

We are still loving our new table. We bought a booster seat for the baby and he ate his fist meal at the table tonight. Unfortunately the booster is a tad bit short and so he just shovels right off the table into his mouth. It is nice to have everyone at the table though. YEA!

Well, now that everyone is showered and clean, it is time to sign-off and get started on that family time. I am NOT going to the school tomorrow, rather I am going to stay home and we are going to hang out as a family. I am really looking forward to it. Hopefully the 100+ degrees we have had everyday for 2 weeks will break tomorrow and we will get a break and have a little cooler weather.


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