Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lagoon...and I Didn't Even Throw Up!

Hey All,
It has been a while since I last blogged (or at least it feels that way). Over the past week lots has happened! Our little family went to Lagoon for my family reunion this year (or at least I THINK it was the family reunion- what do I know?!?!?) We went up the night before and stayed at my sister's house. It was a lot of fun. My mom and dad were also there with my brother's kids. We went to bed fairly late and we were up pretty early so we could get there on time.
The kids were SO excited that I thought they might explode before we got there. It was fun listening to them plan out their day. I remember doing that with my sisters and brother when I was little. we did finally make it. below is a picture of me and the kids as we are waiting to get into the park.

The first ride we went on was the flying aces. My sister says it is a family tradition. I think that next time we'll be changing that little tradition or Suzy will be on her own since nearly all the adults had motion sickness afterwards! LOL

After the Flying Aces, I went on The Rocket. I did this ride many years ago when we went with Dustin, Ashley and Jennie, and don't know WHAT possessed me to do it again! Holy CRAP! I was a brave toaster and went twice with my sister! At 300 ft, you simply grip the heck out of the little arm rest and pray all the bolts stay screwed in tight! Of course, screaming all the way down helps too- and I didn't even say any bad words this year!

Ian was one of the 3 big boys, so we let them pal around together and ride what they wanted so that they weren't stuck at the kiddie rides with us. It worked out rather well, except that we didn't get many pictures of Ian throughout the day. They checked in periodically and from the sound of things, had a great time.

OdySea. That ride was the kids favorite! My poor wife 'got' to go on it many, many times (at least 15 I would say- though not really in a row). It was the little one's favorite ride in the park. I didn't care climb on that one as I get motion sickness anyways and going in circles just didn't seem very fun!
After riding once, "The Octopus" as Micah called it, quickly became his favorite ride. It has Dolphins, Sharks and Whales that spray water at different intervals. You control the fish you are in to go up or down. My son got really, REALLY good at placing the ride so that his mother would get wet. He would just laugh and laugh. He'd say, "I'm going to get you wet Mom!" and then after he positioned their fish and she got sprayed in the head or arm, or got both of us wet, he'd say, "Ha Ha! I got you wet Mom!" and just giggle. I would be watching from a nearby bench keeping an eye on the baby and I would laugh out loud as my son got her wet. People walking by would just give me a strange little look! I didn't care though, it really was quite funny! (Plus, I think I took some pretty good little pictures here!)

We loved that they made a lot of the big rides into kid-size rides. This is a ladybug version of the Rocket, blast off. The kids really liked it.

Then, there was the Dinosaur Drop version of the Rocket, re-entry. My wife got this priceless picture of our son's first drop on it. He is scared to death! I was laughing so hard! He would cry and then giggle and then cry and then giggle. When it was over he would look at me and smile and say, "Let's do it again, da da!" I loved riding rides with him- what a CUTIE!

It pops you back up a ways and then drops you again a few times. By the end of the ride Micah figured out it wasn't so bad and was laughing.

Our baby did really well considering he really didn't get to do much but ride around in a stroller all day. He did get to escape once in a while and run around when all the adults were on 'break'! What a cutie he is!

Zander in the boats. Micah climbed in next to him and before the ride was over they were punching, scratching, pinching and biting each other. They put on a pretty good show--everyone was laughing at them. They both wanted to ring the bell and weren't taking turns too well. With a threat of no more rides, they whipped right into shape and we didn't have that problem again the rest of the day! But, dang they sure are cuties!

My little princess was so funny. We decided to put Eli into the boat with her. She definitely has my worry gene! She kept asking if he'd be okay, and will he fall out, and what if he tries to stand up. My wife had to tell her that he would be buckled with her, and just to keep her arm around him. Let him turn the steering wheel and ring the bell, and he'd be fine. She was so cute, and the baby LOVED it!
We took the kids on the Tidal Wave. My little egg drop buddy did NOT like this ride. They put us in the center of the boat because of the little kids we had (Cora and Clint had Britney and Brooklyn as well). It still went too high for his liking. I don't think he liked the butterflies in his belly. The operator had us yelling Spongebob! and when the other side got up in the air Squarepants! My little Z got a kick out of that.

As I already mentioned. we were so worried about the baby being bored and screaming the day away from being stuck in the stroller. He did rather well. We were mucho impressed!

I took this groovy little picture myself. Man am I talented or what! lol- Must be the gorgeous lady next to me!
Our soaking wet kids after 4 or 5 runs on the rapids. I couldn't believe how wet they were. My two brother-in-laws started chasing me around the plaza outside the ride trying to show some brother-on-law-ish love and "hug" me (since they were soaking wet and I was not!). I am glad to say that grandma made a great shield and they stopped when she got a bit feisty about being in the middle of it all! Go grandma!
My wife and I took Zander on the Wicked. (HOLY CRAP!) You shoot out of the station around the corner and straight up (not joking) I think that was one of the most exhilarating and psychotic rides I have ever been on! It lasts maybe 30 seconds - but WOW, what an amazing 30 seconds. We don't have any pictures of that one, but Phew, just thinking about it makes my palms all sweaty! I would do it again though. I was quite motion sick after that ride and can't believe that I was able to ride the Fire Dragon right after that and NOT lose my dinner! Go ME!

Before we left for the evening, we let the kids play "Lucky Ducks!" We like to let them do this one, because everyone wins something. They really liked that part. The kids loved their little prizes and that was a great end to the day!

My parents are awesome. I truly had a great day. Thanks mom and dad for providing such a great experience for the family. I know my kids will remember that for many years to come (especially my daughter who was a brave toaster and rode many rides I don't think I would have at her age, though I did kinda force her sometimes. I knew I had pushed it a little far when she would grab my arm and scream "This IS NOT FUN! This is NOT FUN!" at me as we would go around a corner or loop! Thanks baby girl for riding with me!).

I can't for another five years to pass so we can go again! :)


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