Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Calling All Teachers (and Anyone Else Who Wants to Publish Movies, CD's, or Books)

Okay! I have to share this with you! It is SO AWESOME! I have always wanted to do a class book that I publish professionally and then offer to my kids. I don't really want to make money on it, but rather, have the kids leave with a special memory of my class. Well, HERE IS THE SOLUTION! is an awesome company that allows you to upload manuscripts, music (your own of course), or movies (again, ones that you have made) and allow others to purchase them through Amazon or simply buy them yourself and resell. I am currently writing a short story that I hope to have published by Christmas. I guess I should tell you the best part- IT IS FREE! Free to setup an account, free to upload your files, and then WAY CHEAP to actually print copies. It is an on-demand printing company. This year I will have 19 students. I plan to give each of them up to 20 pages to put in their favorite short story they have written, poems, artwork, etc. The book will be around 480 pages and each copy will only cost $9.10 plus shipping and tax. So, for about $10 parents can purchase a copy of a substantial book of their child's 6th grade year. And, if no one wants to buy one, it didn't cost me A THING! So, click on the picture right now, set up your free account, and then start planning out how you can easily upload and print your class books! I LOVE FREE STUFF!


Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers

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  1. And I love their support too - you can request that they call you right then and there, you give your phone number and you are talking to a live person - not have to be on hold forever or go through a gazillion automated things - if you want to do this, press 20,000; yada yada yada - lol.

    Also, if you upgrade to the pro advantage, you can get the printing cost a lot cheaper (unless you are incuring a per page fee for that many pages - but a lot is dependent on size, color interior, et cetera). Upgrading also allows you to decide where you want the books distributed - or bookstores or schools/libraries or createspace's own distribution (remember too that createspace is a subsidiary of and used to be booksurge and there have been problems previously but as long as you check everything thoroughly you should be good to go).

    I've received my first order of actual copies of my first published book (Train of Clues - the 2nd place story that started the JGDS series) through them and all I can say is "AWESOME" - lol.

    The books look super crisp. I also like the fact that they print in my state so when I place an order, I am receiving books within a day or two without even paying for expedited shipping. I've heard others who live in the mid states regions say that most anything they have received from within several days - usually a week or less - even if they are using the absolutely slowest possible shipping.

    So I'll second the endorsement on this publishing venue - Mrs. E :)

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