Thursday, September 23, 2010

All is Well...Mostly

So I still haven't heard a score on the two presentations and all that goes with them, but I did spend about 3.5 hours last night gathering answers for my 1st quiz in Ed. Law. I am happy to report that I got a very good score. I was extremely proud of myself. This is a challenging class- I am learning A LOT, but I am very exhausted. This has been a very long, crazy week! What with Melon Days last week end and no sleeping in and then staying up late every night this week working on Master's.

Tomorrow we are heading to Salt Lake to get all the wood for my wife to make all the special orders she got on Melon Days (I think she up to like 15 special orders). It will be nice to get all that picked up. Also, we are going to go and visit my sister. The kids are all very excited to see their cousins again! It will be a nice little mini-break.

Well, I am hoping to get my hair cut tonight, so I best get off here and get that started. After all it IS already after 10:30pm- BLAH!


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