Saturday, October 02, 2010

Houston...We Have a Successful Launch!

Today ROCKED! It has been a wonderful day and we still have a lot of the day left. YEA!
This morning started out with not waking up until I wanted too! YEA! That was very nice. However, the whole family was up and going by 8:30am. Guess that is part of having 5 small children- lol.

We had a nice breakfast as a family and then my wife and I dropped the kids off at grandma and grandpa house so we could do Bountiful Baskets. There were 24 orders that were placed. The truck came early, so we were able to get every thing unloaded off the truck and into the baskets in a pretty quick fashion. We had lots of volunteers today as well, which was AWESOME! We were done by 11:30am. It was a great variety today. I can't wait for the next order in two weeks (the 16th- order on the 11th- go HERE to register and order.). We got grapes, plums, apples, bananas, cantaloupe, strawberries in the fruit department, and for our vegetables we got leaf lettuce, artichokes, red peppers, tomatoes, cauliflower, and a bag of potatoes. It was great. YEA FOR FRESH PRODUCE AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE!

Here is a picture of the truck that brought the produce. He got lost this morning, but STILL ended up early!

I like this picture (of course it may be because I took it!). These are baskets all lined up and ready to be filled with the yummy produce!

Same picture (opposite direction) AFTER they have been filled! I am grateful for my wife and Heather. They have put A LOT of time and effort into this and for it finally have happened is such a wonderful experience. Our little community needed a way to bring in affordable, fresh produce for our families.

This is what the baskets looked like today. When you come you get one basket of fruits and one basket of vegetables! Totally worth $15!!! 

After Bountiful Baskets we went with my parents and we were able to get pumpkins. I love going every year and watching the kids run around the field trying to find the biggest or the fattest or the tallest. They proudly stand by their choice and wait for grandpa to come and cut the stem from the vine so I can haul them the (seemingly) three miles back to the car. (Sigh) What fun. Below are some pictures from the experience!

 When I chose my pumpkin, I lifted it up and we found that there was an entire colony of mice living under it- lol. They were running in circles and going kind of crazy for a while. You can see the head of one of the mice in the picture below!

The faucet trauma is now over. It doesn't even leak. So I guess I do have a few inkings of handyman stirring in me after all. Not that I EVER want to experience that again- not EVER! (And NO- I will NOT elaborate on that anymore!)

As a family we watched conference this afternoon and my wife helped me add about 30 new books to my class library (we have to add them to my library checkout program, barcode them, and write on the top of the book with the correct information. Not my favorite part, but I LOVE that I can keep better track of my books now with my students and community members that check them out.

We also harvested all our carrots today! We thought these two carrots were pretty cool. They twisted around each other. Pretty amazing how things grow. We ended up with a three-gallon bucket completely full. I am not sure WHAT we are going to do with them. We also picked the tomatoes that were ripe and harvested the  bell peppers (we are going to chop them with the red ones from our Bountiful Basket and freeze them to use this winter- yum). 

Well, I want to do something besides sit in the house all day. So, I am going to get off here and do something.


Update: I had to leave the pictures uploading while I attended priesthood session and I just barely got everything added and labeled. After priesthood I came and picked up the family and we went to a local fast food restaurant and ate dinner together. It was very nice to spend time with my little herd! Now we are all chilling. My two little ones are about out and the rest are watching tv or playing poptropica on the computer. I LOVE being a dad.

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  1. Your photos liven up the reading a lot.
    I enjoy reading this.

    Wishing you more happy trips!



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