Saturday, October 30, 2010

What a Day! Oh...and Happy Halloween!

 My what a day it has been! Phew!
Bountiful Baskets was this morning. My wife and I awoke at 4:30 am and started getting ready to brave the cold. I was getting dressed and suddenly there appears my 3 year-old son. "Daddy, can I watch cartoons?"
I am thinking What the crap? It's 4"30am! I told him no and that it was time to return to bed. He was a little pouty, but he did return. Of course he tried like 3 more times before we left. In fact, all but my oldest and youngest woke up for various reasons. We left and I assume they went to sleep. At least that is their story!
When we got there, there wasn't a truck yet. So I was thinking, phew, not too late! (We arrived 10 minutes after 5am). Oh no. No truck at truck at 7am....the truck finally arrived around 7:20am. It was interesting- but with all the amazing volunteers that came to help (like 10 of them- thanks everyone) the produce was distributed out and ready for pick-up with 10-15 minutes! everyone came and picked up their food. We even had a man drive all the way from Rifle, Colorado (over 2 hours away) to train so he could open a site. So, after that we took my parents their basket and my brother his. By the time we got home, the kids were "starving" and so we had a delicious breakfast. I had to go and get eggs for breakfast my three-year old wanted to come. He didn't have a jacket so I carried him and snuggled him. When we got to the store he informed me that he was "fine" and could walk. I still carried him until we got to the eggs. Once there he saw the yogurt and we had to have a discussion about why we couldn't buy any right now. He was determined that I "had an extra dollar and could buy some ogurt (as he calls it)". I finally convinced him we didn't have the money right then and we made it to the check-out. As we headed outside he lifted up his arms and said, "Dad, I love sundays". I smiled told him that it was only saturday. He said, "NO DAD! SUN-DAYS!" pointing around to all the sun that was on the ground. He never ceases to make me laugh. Thanks buddy!

After breakfast everyone settled into their own thing. This means that the kids watched TV, my 1 year old destroyed the house, my wife worked in her scrapbook room, and I went to the school to finish report cards (and I did- yea me!).

I came home and tried to work on my college papers. I did get a little done. I even finally upload my 2nd case brief for scoring. Somewhere in there grandma called and told us that the kids needed to come and get their last tractor ride for the year. Of course they ALL wanted to go, so we loaded up and went. Grandma took each one for a ride, and bless her very, very, very brave heart- let them drive as well! Phew Grandma! You are brave!
Below are the pictures.

I love this picture of my oldest. Grandma took him on an extra-long ride and I think he had a great time. He loves to spend time with his grandma. They are two-peas in a pod! He looks so happy in this picture I love it!
My three-year old is a stinker! He was driving with grandma and when they came to an intersection, he looked both ways and told they were "good to go". Knowing him there was a thumbs-up involved as well. What a cute kid.
My baby wasn't sure he wanted to go for a ride with grandpa. But I think he really enjoyed after they got started!

After that, we went over to our neighbor's daughter's 1st birthday party. That was a lot of fun. The kids had a great time playing pin the spider on the skeleton, treasure hunting, and eating lots of yummy treats. Thanks Parson's family for inviting us. We loved it.

That brings us to pretty much now. The wind and rain picked up so strong that I thought I was going to end up in Kansas (or somewhere on the Mid-to-Eastern half of the States). It is still sprinkling a little. My wife still has the kids out and about Trick-or-Treating.

All that is left is to watch White Christmas after dinner.

I got a free $3 MP3 credit from Amazon today, and so I let the kids get a couple songs. We got AllStar Weekends Come Down With Love, Selena Gomez's A Year Without Rain, and my son and I found a song by Bruno Mars Just The Way You Are. I have to say I really like the song. It describes my wife perfectly-amazing how someone wrote a song just for her! :).

 These are from last night. My little buddy was so tired, he crashed watching "toons"

And, with a cute little look like that I HAD to add this one. He was just sitting there giggling and giggling. Not sure why, Maybe that dinosaur is more fun to ride than I ever imagined!

 I love my kids. My wife will post on their costumes and I do not want to steal her thunder so I defer to her for that post! I may add a picture in a few days so I have one in my record as well! :)


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