Monday, November 29, 2010

Family Pictures 2010

Our family owes Jenni  a HUGE thank you! A week ago we had a chance to let a friend try out her new camera and we got the best end of the deal! Wahoo! New pictures! They turned out very, very, very well.

We took this one because my wife's mother is spelling out Christmas with all the families. We are the H- make sense, we are the HUGHES family after all! :)

I love how this one turned out. I didn't know if she would get one that worked as it is quite the task to get 5 kids of varying ages to cooperate. She was very patient and understanding, however, and it shows! :)

Not a bad shot. I love the textures on the walls behind us!
My handsome and amazing son. He is really taken to drawing these last few weeks. In fact he does that about as much as he plays the computer (and that is saying something!).  He has quite the knack for it and with his amazing artist mother helping him, he is sure to bloom into a excellent artist!

My daughter has a shirt that says, "Everyone Loves A Brown-Eyed Girl!". How true is that! She is one sweet little princess (and I am TOTALLY wrapped around her little finger)! She is such a great helper. My wife and I know that when we need help, she right there ready to go. I love you little girl!
Where would we be without this young man? Talk about a man! This child had the best command of the English language and he knows when to use it. He certainly is not afraid to tell you if you are wrong, or, if you are doing something that he does not agree with.

Whoa! Now, THIS little boy has some 'tude! Never a shortage of humor around our house with this one here! I wouldn't trade my little bug for anything!
It is fun to have a brown-eyed boy in the house. The little boy is sure getting a personality. He is also learning to say more words. "Guys" is one of my favorites.  He is also really good at saying please (in sign language) and telling you no if he isn't interested. I love this picture. What a cutie!

Here is my beautiful wife. This is a pretty good picture of us. I love the texture behind us too.
Here is the Boy Crew! I can't believe how big all my boys are getting. It is crazy stuff!
Here is the pretty half of the family. It is easy to see where my little girl gets her looks from.
This will be one of my favorite for ever and ever. I LOVE this picture the most of all. I have also had many people make comments about how much they like it. 



  1. Oh my Gosh! These are awesome pictures! Love it. I had better be getting some!

  2. I better quit lurking (stalking) and comment. I found your blog through another teacher blog and have really come to enjoy your posts. You have a lovely family. I love, love, love that last photo.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the pictures John, they turned out so good. Jenni does an awsome job.

  4. I'm really glad you guys were willing to head up to that hill for that last picture. And the clouds too?!!! So cool. I'm glad we were able to get some good ones of your cute family. You guys were great!

  5. Great photos…I really love that last image. Very cool...

  6. Fabulous photos of a beautiful family! Thank you so much for sharing. I do believe that the last one definitely is my favorite!


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