Friday, November 05, 2010

Let's Add 'Hacked' To The List


So when you are sitting there working on your computer and suddenly a bunch of "Delievry Failure" e-mails start hitting your mail box, you know there is trouble in River City. (Green River City, that is). Well, that is what happened to me. I was working at school yesterday and found that I had been the recieptent of a Chinese hacker. Neat. So I went in to paranoid mode- changed all my passwords, sent out apology e-mails, and hoped and prayed that it would be over. So far I am okay. I guess we will see. How mortifying to have junk e-mails being sent from your e-mail address. I had several people call and ask me if I had sent it and even more neat was that one of my college professors wrote to me and asked if I had sent it to her. The grammar was even worse than I would use, so hopefully that is a clue to those poor reciepients. I even went through and deleted addresses that I no longer use. So, after killing half my address book and worrying all night, I hope that we are back on track. I did start a new e-mail address just incase my other one ends up being killed.

Today (Friday) has been spent writing a paper for my college class. After 6 hours and a lot of writing, it is done. I have submitted it for grading and we shall see how that goes. Oh, and I took my second on-line quiz in my law class. I only missed 2 questions out of 50 and I have appealed those with the teacher because I believe I was right (pushy of me, I know- but she has asked us to appeal them if we believe that we are right).

I guess I best go as I need to run with my wife to a 90th birthday open house for a wonderful lady here in town. I have known her for a very long time. I used to mow her lawn back in the day as well.

reminder- watch your e-mail and make your passwords REALLY hard to figure out. I thought I did, but apparently not. The new one won't be as easy!


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  1. LOL. Its crazy how many peoples email are getting hacked now days. Hope everything is going ok. Haven't talked to you forever. Hope you are doing ok. Love and miss you and can't wait to see you for thanksgiving! :)
    ps good luck on your paper! :)


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