Sunday, November 21, 2010

Three Cheers For Being Finished!

Today is a fantastic day! And not just because it is a day I can spend time and relax from everything else going on in my life. Today is fantastic because (barring any changed required by my professors) I have completed EVERY assignment that I have for this semester. I still have two quizzes to take and one presentation to give, but all the work for those is done. :) What a great day. Only two more classes and a praxis test before I can get out of this time eater.

I just finished spending the last two days writing a paper for one of my classes,with a dash of powerpoint for another class. I guess I still need to read a bunch of chapters, but all the major assignments are over and done with!

Last night I went with my parents to Moab to the Saturday session of conference. It was nice to visit with my mom and dad. On the way home my dad "lectured" me about why I am in this masters program. He was very complementary and told me lots of things I am not sure I believe about myself, but I appreciated very much his counsel and support.

The weather has been a bit crazy! On Tuesday as I was climbing into my trooper I noticed the roof was all messed up (as mentioned in my last post). Wednesday after school I was supposed to attend a meeting at the church, but ended up working on my roof to get it all fixed and glued back down! Phew! I took my son up on the roof with me as well to show him what we needed to do. I guess I want to show him what little I know so that he gets at least a little handyman knowledge under his belt. Hope it works! :)

The wind has been crazy today. We had a bit of rain this morning and then the sun came out and it was beautiful! Then about 10 minutes ago the wind started blowing and HOLY MOELY it is really blowing! Unfortunately it is blowing all the leaves from down the street in to my clean yard---GRRRRR! My wife and I had to run out and baton down the hatches. As long as it is just wind and not rain or snow. My sister called and said that it had been snowing for over an hour at her house. Yuck!

One last memory to jot down. This morning we had most of the boys in our bed. We got talking and laughing and so I called my two oldest in. We all snuggled on the bed and talked about what everyone wanted for Christmas. We laughed and laughed at some of the items. My 3 year old only wants chocolate. Well that and Thomas the Train and gummies. I guess Santa just needs to make him Willy Wonka! My 5 year-old only wants "$180". We laughed about that too! He also wants a arsenal of weapons (guns that shoot orange sticky darts, a ninja star, and handcuffs like his brother). My daughter wants a camera and/or a Nintendo DS. She also would like a Littlest Pet Shop babysitter (something new) as well as some new pet shop animals. My oldest wants BIG BOY TOYS! He wants a Flip-Camera (not going to happen!). He is really into art lately and wants a good art set, a nice football, and Nerf gun. Now listen up GRANDPARENTS! Check with us BEFORE buying any of that stuff! :) Anyone else that wants to donate to the cause leave a note- lol (totally kidding about that!).

Well, it is time to get back to reading for my classes.


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