Monday, December 27, 2010

It's A BOY....Or Maybe a GIRL....Darn...What did the Tech say? (Part 2)

Okay, back from the meeting!

So we made it to Wal-mart (and yes- I DID see the sale on M&M's. I totally should have bought some!). They did have the LED lights that we were hoping to get. That was costly- but hopefully it will be worth next year on the power bill. When it says you can connect 43- yes, FORTY-THREE strands together on ONE plug, they must be pretty low-wattage! Anyways, we also got some other 1/2 price items (I also got a bunch of fun stuff for my students gifts next year!) like wrapping paper (plain for during the year) and gift tags- we always seem to have a shortage of those, although I am not sure why. Anyways, I digress. So, we finished at Wal-Mart. My sister was there with us as well. We all went to Wendy's after Wal-Mart and ate lunch together. It was nice to visit and enjoy each other's company.

(Yes, we will get to the part where I tell you if we are having a boy or girl in a patient!)

After Wendy's, my sister and her husband headed home and we headed to K-Mart to check out their sales. Well...let's just say that they didn't have much and leave it at that! Next we headed to the dollar-store. I was hoping to find printer labels. They didn't have any. I think they have dropped that as part of their supplies. Oh well. We did pick up some super glue (can never have too much of that- lol). After the dollar store it was time to head to the hospital for the ultrasound. I didn't think that I was anxious about the whole ordeal, but as we got to the hospital I could feel the knot to anxiety start to rise. I wasn't really anxious over wether it was a boy or girl, but that it would be healthy and growing correctly.

We made it into the hospital and got registered. My parents were just going to wait in the main waiting room, but I told them to at least come to the waiting room by radiology! They followed us down the hall.

Okay...Time for a snack break!

P.S. Please leave comments on my blog (more so than facebook) because I print my blog each year and I love to have all the comments there as well! Part 3 will be coming soon to a blog near MINE!

(And yes Becky, I will tell you tonight...I have to drag this out you know since I hope to NEVER get to do this again! lol- AND, I really am taking a snack break because I am hungry!)



  1. John, you're killin me! Get on with it man! ;)

  2. Way to drag it out, sir! (I'd probably do the same thing).

    By the way, I bought 21 bags of M&Ms…I'm an addict.

  3. I have to admit...when I checked back, I saw Part 2 and Part 3. If you know me at all, you know I can't stand surprises, SO...I skipped straight to Part 3. :) Then, I went back and read Part 2. I was SO excited that I was mentioned in your blog! Hehehe...I feel famous! :) per your request, I copied and pasted my facebook comments to your blog.


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