Tuesday, December 28, 2010

T-Minus Three Days and Counting...

I can NOT believe that 2010 dies in three days! Wow! This year has been a busy and pretty fulfilling year. Today has been very enjoyable. My two older sisters came to visit with their families my dad for his birthday (it is actually tomorrow, but with pending horrible weather, everyone decided to come today!). We went to lunch/dinner together as a huge group and then retired to my parents house to visit for a while. It was nice to watch my children also get to play with their cousins. We all left after visiting for a while. My little family will go back up tomorrow and sing happy birthday or something and take my father his BRAND NEW iPod Touch (his is going to be better than mine- lol) and share cake. When we got home it was HAIRCUT time! Phew, it is always nice to have my wife give my hair a trim. She is a good lady to give the whole family a good cut.

Today I was trying to work in my room. I had A LOT to do. Of the time I actually got to spend there, I was able to correct two major writing projects, get the newsletter done, get book orders (my class code is: GLJ3H) ready and take down my class bingo board. I had hoped the BINGO board would motivate the class to get planners signed and return grades signed as well. But it wasn't working out. I am okay with taking it down though because I am going to change my tactics. I am going to have the tables work together to earn treats, prizes, and extra privileges. They will have a "race" every week to see who can get the furtherest on the track. I think it will be good! I still have a ton to do however. I am trying to get my new monthly bulletin board up. My theme this year is "Let the Adventure Begin" and I am using an Indiana Jones motif. Each month I change the end of it. For example, last month was "Let the Adventure be Merry". My January theme is "Let the Adventure be Frosty". We will me making snowmen to hang up on the board. I hope to find a good Snowman Glyph (if anyone has a good pattern or example, let me know). I also need to plan out my first week back from break. I am going to make major changes in my daily schedule. I have come to realize that I am not teaching the way I want too and I am going to alter how the amount of time to better accommodate my desired style. So that is a run down of school. I know...I know...It is the break and I should rest, but for me, this IS rest for me. To get things caught up and planned out will be nice.

I will also be glad when the dance festival is over. I don't think that Book Cliff will be participating again next year. It is very time consuming and I really need that time to teach other subjects. I am also SCARED for the dance festival because I leave to go and take the Praxis the day after! AHHHHH! I did get in a study session this morning even though I hit snooze twice on my alarm clock. I was able to finish going over all the multiple choice examples again and start re-reading the section on the essay. Those are the ones that I am most worried about. I just want the test to be over and I want to have passed it. Blah.

Well, on to other things.



  1. I'm going to try 'Homeworkopoly' when I get back…I think it just might motivate a few of my students. The 100% Hoop Group will probably stay as well.

    Not sure.

  2. Well...now you have to explain those things! You can't just throw out great sounding ideas with out an explanation! lol

  3. I'm guessing I must have "teacher" in me too because I'm already trying to plan out strategies for piano lessons! Yikes! ;)

  4. What is a glyph and what can I search for to help with your snowman glyph? I too would like to know what homeworkopoly and 100% hoop group are even though I'm not a teacher lol - but hey you never know when something will be useful when speaking to teachers' groups that I can give as insight into the homework dilemma - I figured Mr. Hughes would be at school already - lol. With your theme changing sort of - sounds like we may need to do a writing contest or something - since it has been a while since we have done any writing contests in your class.

    I'll get with you in a bit to figure out something - chat soon - Mrs. E :)

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