Saturday, January 08, 2011

Saturday, Wii-ing, and Guest Appearances

It really has been a nice weekend (so far...I mean- come on! I still have 1 1/2 days of glorious, lazy TV watching, food eating, game playing, sleeping enjoyment to try out! )

Do I have a test next Saturday...Maybe. I probably should be sweating bullets or cannon balls, or some other manly battle weapon. But...I am not. A study session tonight (which I am secretly hoping turns into more of a chat session), a bit of reading during the week, and then it is off to see the wizard...wait, wrong story! But, if I were to go and see the wizard, I would totally ask for a brain. I obviously don't have one as I continue to find ways to eat up my precious time (like a hungry boa in a flock of sheep- and on that note. I had a student inform me yesterday that he had been watching a show where a boa snake had eaten a cow, or lamb, or some other farm animal, and then had been scared by human so it puked it back up before escaping. I still can find no reason for this learning moment- of which I am calling it for lack of a better term at this time- and it was quite disturbing to our math lesson. But, I digress YET again!). So...anyways, in finding activities to apparently avoid my wife and children I have been in college classes non-stop since the fall of 2006 and I can honestly say that I am VERY READY to be done- with college... PERIOD... as in avoid like the plague in the future. 

Then the logical, practical side of me (that those around me call pessimism) start talking in my head (which in and of it self is a pretty scary thought) and says 'what ever dude, you know that you will find something to keep you busy for that is who you are!' and I say back (but not out loud because that too would be a little creepy, especially for those of you who can not hear the talking in my head)- 'NO! I refuse to tie up more of my precious time, be still evil voice'.....



I think maybe I have said too much. Moving on!

Last night was a blast. I have Wii arm. Now, if you were at this very moment reading my amazing writing out loud to some lucky listener, you would both perhaps titter at that comment because it has the overtones of potty humor attached. However, if you noticed the registered trademark spelling, you would clearly see that I am really talking of the Nintendo Wii. My parents bought the Wii. I am not talking about just your basic package here- nope grams and gramps went ALL OUT. 4 controllers (I know that they have another name, and those Wii-ers out there will wrinkle your brow at my apparent ignorance of Wii-ing lingo- GET OVER IT!). the grands kicked it in the recliners and watched out family fight and cheer and fight (for real, with like words) and cheer...I can see their ploy here! I picture it going like this:

How To Watch Your Children Make An Idiot of Themselves and Enjoy It in 4 easy Steps:

1) Buy a Wii system with all the bells and whistles. Say you need help installing it.

2) When child arrives, get him excited about playing.

3) Sit back and laugh as his children kick his butt in all the games.

4) Repeat step 3.

Actually it was quite entertaining. I do have to say though, that my arm may never be the same. I would caution all you new Wii'ers out there that you NOT start your Wii experience with sword fighting. More than 12 hours later I can still barley lift my arm above my head. That made bountiful baskets an adventure this morning. Speaking of which, you need to take a small break from this amazing writing and go HERE to see what we got today! It rocked. I love fresh fruit and vegetable. I am glad that they have returned to vanquish all the Christmas crap that we still have sitting on our counter. Of course we had to throw a lot of the candy and other junk away to make room for the healthy stuff- YEA!

Well, now that I have entertained you for far too long and with far too much information, I guess I will end with one last amazing moment for the day...

My wife has made her final appearance on her friend's crafting blog today. It has been fun to check out the cards. I am FAR from crafty or desirous to be so, but I love seeing how creative my wife is (and her friend too!). Those more crafty than I need to head HERE. You can learn how to easily make the cards pictured here plus many more in the Small Fry & Co. Birthday Card-a-Palooza (I made up the end of the title- I like how zippy it sounds! And it makes it seem more manly for my manly blog!) 

May the Saturday Zen of Relaxation find you!



  1. I like birthday palooza too. I should have used that. Next time round.

  2. Don't you know why we as parents are limiting our kids video gaming experience? You are only supposed to play for no more than an hour at a time and not do all that repetitive motion - sounds like tennis elbow, or some other debilitating thing. We see a lot of "gamekeeper's thumb" with the hand clinics but with the newer video game systems out there, the gamekeeper's thumb is lending way to tennis elbow and shoulder problems. I totally have no sympathy for you - lol. Bet your students will have something smart (alecky) to say Monday - lol.

    Ice, anti-inflammatories and ranging the arm should help it feel better.

    You are rebelling against the test just like I've been rebelling against getting my stories written. I need to stop rebelling and get on with it. You will do fine on the test and will still havee the opportunity to work in administration if you are willing to go that extra step. I know you say you love teaching but there will come a point when you will be thankful you have the background because the opportunity and timing will be just right for you - hang in there and it will be over soon. You have about 4 months of classes left? Not much longer. Keep putting your best foot forward because you need to be reimbursed so you can prepare for the new bundle of joy. I have faith you will do fine on the test.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend - what's left of it - E :)

    Elysabeth Eldering
    Author of the Junior Geography Detective Squad, 50-state, mystery, trivia series

    Where will the adventure take you next?


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