Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Thank Goodness for Teacher Friends!

I had a rough day. Not only did I have to do something at school that I totally did not agree with (it was done to appease a situation that could have become volatile), but then I had to sit through a HORRIBLE college class. Thankfully I have a teaching friend to visit with during this time. She makes the class bearable.

But tonight was extra nice. I was able to chat with another good teaching friend. This friend was able to share all sorts of great ideas, tell funny stories to lighten my mood, and discuss iPod games. But it was deeper than that. You see, most people think they "know" about teachers, what it feels like, what it means, that it is easy...blah blah. But unless you are or have been a teacher, you really have no idea. Therefore when you try and understand my grief, my frustration, my anger, my despair you can't. No, you can say you do, and you can sympathize with me, but in all honesty you really can't understand. No offense. (Thanks for trying though).

I was really grateful to have a friend who could really say, "Ya, I felt that way the other day because of..." or "I know what you mean. That happened to me too." And I know that this friend really did go through that. There is just a feeling of understanding that non-teachers can't create. So, thank you my teaching friends, for being there and being willing to open up. And thanks to those of my non-teaching friends who continue to encourage me. I need that too!



  1. Sorry you were feeling down yesterday. I'm glad you had someone to lean on to get through it though. I guess that's why I decided long ago I didn't want to be a teacher, doctor or nurse but wanted to do something medically related (at the time I really didn't know what I wanted). Working at home doing medical transcription (typing has always been something I've excelled at and enjoyed) is the perfect choice for me career wise. I agree that it takes someone of a similar background to really be there when you need them - that's how it is with my supervisor and me - we get along well (shouldn't because we are both Geminis - lol) but we are able to vent to each other without worry of repercussions or bad karma or anything - we've been through it together and/or at separately - So looking forward to seeing ya'll in class today and I think it will be a good day - E :)

    Elysabeth Eldering
    Author of the Junior Geography Detective Squad, 50-state, mystery, trivia series

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  2. Sometimes it's nice to have that person who can empathize with us and who understands our pains, frustrations, and knows the joys we go through each and every day as teachers.

    Thanks for being a 'teacher friend' to others...and to me, too.


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